One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


17. Nay & Louis - Request

Nay and Louis. Louis and Nay. That’s how it had been for several years and yes, you had gotten quite a bit of grief over your relationship the first year, but then people started to realise that you genuinely made Louis happy, and in turn, that made them happy. The other boys thought of you as family and that’s how you thought of them. Over the years you had met their girlfriends, which turned to exes, and then met their new girlfriends. Liam was in a new relationship, only a few weeks along. You hadn’t met the girl before but upon your meeting, she took an instant distaste to you.  The other boys seemed wary of her as well, knowing how easily Liam fell for girls only to have his heart broken. Not wanting to seem rude, they welcomed her and that night, you all went to a local nightclub.


The boys were on their second round of drinks when you wandered off from the main group to find Liam’s girlfriend, Bridget, who had gone to the bathroom. You walked in to see her in front of the mirror applying lipstick.

‘Hey.’ You greeted her. She simply ignored you putting the lipstick back in her purse. You walked up to her. ‘Bridget?’



‘I was looking through twitter today, and my friends are glad I got in with Liam, because now he trusts me and won’t believe you if you tell him what I’m about to say to you. We’ve been watching you from the beginning of your relationship with Louis, and let me say, we hate you. Also, I promised them if I ever got a chance, I’d do this.’ You were confused beyond belief when you felt a sharp pain hit your face and you fell backwards, hitting the bottom of your face on the sink. You let out a whimper and held you hand to your mouth. You could taste blood in your mouth and your lip was cut. You looked up at Bridget, vision blurred by tears.

‘Why?’ She looked at you with a smirk on her face.

‘On behalf of all Directioners out there. You’ve had it coming. I’m just glad I was the one that finally got to do it.’ With that, she left. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to move it was that you were scared to. Your head throbbed, your lip was bleeding, your cheek stung and your wrist hurt from breaking your fall. A little while later a group of three girls came it laughing. They saw you and rushed over, asking if you were okay and trying to help you up.

‘Wait, you’re Nay right? Aw babes, what happened?’ You looked down.

‘I don’t really want to talk about it.’

‘Honey, did that ratchet girl actually hurt you?!?! We saw her friends posting shit about hurting you and we didn’t think she actually would! Oh god, if we’d have known we would’ve done something! Are you sure you’re going to be okay?’

‘Yeah, but thank you so much.’ They hugged you and you grabbed their names, as well as their twitters, making a mental note to get Louis to follow them. It was the least you could do. You left the bathroom cradling your wrist to your chest. You saw the table where the boys and Bridget were. Bridget had her back turned to you, but Louis and Liam were looking at you. You ducked your face and headed straight to the exit. You went around the dance floor, getting shoved by all the moving bodies and were almost at the door when an arm pulled you back and wrapped you in a hug. You smelt his cologne before you saw his face and that when the tears began streaming down your face. He just held you for a moment, not even caring you were ruining his shirt. When the tears halted, he pulled back. His eyes swept over you, taking in the wrist you were still cradling, the cut lip and bruised cheek. You saw anger cross his face and you turned away, starting for the door again. This time he didn’t stop you, he followed. Once you were outside he wrapped an arm around your waist.

‘What happened baby?’

‘I… I’d rather… not say anything.’


‘Because like she said, you wouldn’t believe me and I don’t want her to know I said anything.’

‘Whose she? Nay, tell me. I promise I won’t say anything.’ You stayed quiet and just motioned back into the club. He had a confused look on his face.

‘Can I have a hint?’

‘It’s someone you know…’ He was still confused.

‘Bridget?’ You didn’t say anything. The arm he had around you tensed.

‘Fucking bitch.’ He dropped his arm and walked back into the club.

‘Louis! You promised you wouldn’t do anything!’ He turned back to you.

‘I know I did, but really Nay, I’m not going to let her get away with this!’ You walked up to him and he wrapped an arm around you leading you back over to the other boys. Niall looked up at you and Louis and cheered until he saw your injuries and how angry Louis was.

‘Mate, whats going on? What happened to Nay?’ All the boys turned to you and so did Bridget. She smirked at you.

‘Bridget, why don’t you explain?’ She looked at Louis and back to you.

‘I knew you’d tell him. You’re pathetic. You can’t handle anything by yourself. Okay Louis, I slapped the idiot. She deserved it. And Liam, yes, it is true, and I’m only using you. So, kisses!’ Liam looked stunned and so did everyone else.

‘Nay, I am so sorry, I had no idea she was like that!’ You looked at Liam’s face. He looked miserable.

‘Don’t worry about it Liam, I’m fine, really I am.’ You went over to him and gave him a hug. Poor guy.

‘I’m sorry love, but you are not fine. We’re going to the hospital. You need to get your wrist checked out. Sorry fellas, we’ll have to do this again another time.’

‘Don’t apologise mate, just get her fixed up.’ They all hugged you and Louis, then you left. Whilst you were waiting for the taxi, Louis pulled you into a hug.

‘I’m sorry this happened.’

‘It wasn’t your fault Lou.’

‘But still, I broke two promises tonight. I promised to make sure no one hurt you like this.’ You could tell he was really torn up about it.

‘Well you’ve got forever to continue that promise. Tonight doesn’t count. You couldn’t have done anything.’

‘Not being able to do anything makes me feel useless, but I’ll take you up on your offer. I’m making a new promise. From now on, no one will ever hurt you if I can help it. And also, I promise I’ll never hurt you. You mean too much to me to lose you. I love you Nay, forever and always.’

‘I don’t deserve you Tomlinson. I love you too. Forever.’

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