One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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10. 'He Gets Sick On Tour' - Louis

Louis had been on tour for three months now. The two of you skyped a lot, but you noticed that for the past two days, Louis had been sounding ill. He looked sick, but you didn’t want to say anything, in case he thought you were making fun of him or something. You didn’t think it was anything serious.

That night, you were looking through twitter when you saw the hashtag #getwellsoonLouis trending. Confused and intrigued, you clicked on it to find that the get well tweets were being sent to your boyfriend. You quickly grabbed your phone and dialled Louis’ number, only for it to go to voicemail. Panicking, you tried Paul’s number. He answered on the third ring.

‘Paul? What the hell happened to Louis?!’

‘(Y/N), thank god, he’s been asking to speak to you.’ with that, Paul must have handed the phone to Louis because you soon heard a strained voice speaking your name.


‘Louis? Are you alright? What happened?’

‘Calm down love, I’m alright. I just fainted. It’s nothing drastic.’ From somewhere in the background, you heard Zayn shout:

‘Nothing drastic? You bloody fainted mate! If it was nothing drastic you’d be right and rearin’ to go and the show would still be on.’

You heard another voice, Liam, add ‘Come on Louis, she’s your girlfriend, you don’t need to tone things down. The more dramatic, the better!’ You heard a chorus of laughter.

‘Helpful lads, extremely helpful.’ You heard Louis say to the boys.

‘Louis, what actually happened?’ You heard some ruffling then Harry was on the phone.

‘Well it went a little something like this; we were in sound check, yeah? Then Louis here fainted. He’s been looking a bit sick for a while now, so of course, a doctor was brought in. He was dehydrated, and has a cold, so he’s not in the best of shape at the moment. Oh! And he misses you.’ You couldn’t help but smile at the last part.

‘Harry? Put him back on the phone please.’ Harry obliged, because you soon heard Louis once again.

‘(Y/N), I’m sorry.’

‘What on earth do you have to be sorry for? It’s not your fault. Well, it sort of is, because you didn’t keep yourself hydrated, but it’s alright babe, there really is no need to apologise!’ You heard him let out a soft laugh.

‘I miss you (Y/N).’ You sighed.

‘I miss you too, Louis.’

‘You don’t have to say yes, but can you come visit me? I miss you so much, and I miss being able to see you every day.’

‘Of course Louis! Three months is too long to be apart!’ You heard him laugh weakly.

‘Go get some rest Lou, I’ll be there by tomorrow, hopefully.’

‘Thank you, I love you (Y/N)!’

‘I love you too Louis!’

‘Bye babe, I’ll see you soon.’ With that, he hung up.

After booking plane tickets for later that evening, you quickly packed. It was a seven hour flight, but it was worth it. You arrived at your destination in the early hours of morning, the next day and took a cab to the hotel where the boys were staying. You met a security guard in the lobby, and they showed you the way to Louis’ room. After letting you in, you quietly creeped into the room. It was dark, which was to be expected as it was about three in the morning. You opened a door to find Louis asleep in bed. You smiled to yourself before crawling into bed next to him. He stirred and opened his eyes sleepily. When he saw you he sat up quickly, causing him to hold his head, from dizziness. You smiled and leant in to hug him. He welcomed you in his arms and just held you for several moments. When he let you go, he grinned at you.

‘Good to see you again, love. If you had told me you were here, I would’ve come and gotten you.’

‘Good to see you too, Lou. Don’t be silly, its three in the morning, and you were asleep.’

‘Still, I would’ve gone to get you. I’d do anything for you (Y/N).’

‘As I would you Louis.’ He kissed your forehead, obviously being careful not to get you sick. As you two lay down, he wrapped his arms around you.

‘I sleep better at night with you in my arms.’ You let out a light laugh.

‘So do I. Home is just not home without you.’ He hugged you tighter for a moment, then drifted off to sleep, as did you. You were complete when you were with Louis, you couldn’t imagine life any other way.

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