One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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33. Harry Imagine

~Staring down at the letter you had recieved that day in the mail from Harry, you could hardly focus on the words let alone what they meant. You thought everything was great between you too. You spoke every night on the p­­hone and he texted you during the day to make sure you were okay and what not, but his letter claimed that he no longer wanted you in his life. Unsure what else to do, you got your phone out and dialled his number. You thumb hovered over the call button for a few moments until you finally pressed it, placing the phone to your ear, it rang. And rang. Until it rang out and rolled to his voicemail.  You hung the phone up instead of leaving a message and tried once more. Again it rolled to voicemail after several rings. You hung up and dropped your phone on the ground beside you.
Making your way down the hallway that was lined with photos of the two of you, you turned your head to the ground and entered the bedroom. Looking around you grabbed a small bag and a few of your clothes, enough to get by with. Retrieving your phone, bag in hand, you left, quietly shutting the door behind you.


That was three days ago. At the moment you were boarded up in a small motel room in a dodgier part of town. You had so many missed calls and texts from Harry that you had silenced it and put it under the bed. It was a quiet neighbourhood during the day, but as night rolled round the drunkards came out to play and so did the dealers, pimps and prostitutes. The previous night you had made the mistake of staying out after dark and a few dealers had stopped you asking if you wanted 'some stuff'. Laying in the bed, you heard the phone begin to vibrate againt the floor, though instead of ignoring it, you picked it up and answered the call;
'Hi bae! Nice to talk to you too!.'
'Oh, hi Julie. How are you?'
'I'm well, whats up with you?'
'I'm just tired. No big deal.'
'Okay, get soem sleep then. I was just calling to say that i heard Harry was coming home for a few days, we thought we'd come over and say hi.'
'What? Why is he coming home?'
'Weren't you told? Or was it meant to be a surprise? I just naturally assumed you were the first to know.'
'No, i haven't spoken to him in a while.'
'And the reason for that being?'
'I think we broke up. Well, i left but only after i got a letter saying he no longer wanted me in his life.'
'What the actual fuck?'
'Where are you staying then?'
'In a motel but i'm okay seriously don't worry.'
'I'm going to call him, i'll call you back, keep your phone one you.'
With that she hung up. you kept your phone in your hand, staring at it until the screen dimmed and eventually locked. The clock on the wall was ticking a you started counting the seconds. After a minute you gave up and got up, checking that you locked and bolted the door. Ten or so minutes later, Julie called you back.
'So he's got no freaking clue what your talking about and he's kinda mad and thats why he's coming home, because he wants to know what the hell is going on because you won't talk to him.'
'Right? No, its not right, this is bad. You need to talk to him Y/N, i'm serious.'
'I will, but what am i supposed to say? Yeah cool man, Igot your letter and did what it told me so what have you got to be mad about?'
'Do you still love him?'
'Talk to him. Whats the address of the motel?'
'56 Lucas Avenue.'
'Room number?'
'Okay, goodnight love, stay safe.'
'G'night Jules.'
You hung up, plugged your phone in and turned the light off.


It was early morning when you woke up, yet you made no attempt to get up. You hadn't slept well, all you could think about was Harry. Dozing off again, you were awoken by a knock at the door. Rolling out of bed, you landed with a thump on the floor. You stood and wuickly walked to the door looking through the peek hole. Undoing the bolt, you opened the door and there he was.
'What did I do?'
'That letter is what you did.'
'But what letter? I never wrote you a letter!'
'The one thats probably still in the living room thats got your name at the bottom!'
'I swear to god Y/N, i never wrote a letter.'
'Just..go home.'
'You are my home okay. And i'm not leaving you here.'
'No. Pack your bag. Lets go.'
You turned and picked up a couple of items of clothing that had been thrown around the room, grabbed the room key and your phone and walked back out the door to him.
You walked to his car and he opened your door for you, shutting it softly behind you. The car ride was quiet, neither of you speaking, just a cd playing softly in the background. As he pulled up to the house, the tears began to fall. You buried your face in your hands and just cried. He walked around to your side, opened the door and pulled you up into his arms. You held onto his shirt and he wrapped you in his strong arms, kissing the top of your head. After a few moments your tears came to a halt and you pulled back, grabbing your bag from the car. He was eyeing you cautiously, afraid you might start crying again. He unlocked the door for you and you went straight to the living room,throwing your bag on the couch, picking up the letter and roughly hanfing it to him. You watched his face as he read, his eyebrows furrowing at the words.
'I didn't write this.'
'Prove it.
'Its typed. Why would i type you a letter? Signed with Harry, also typed? Really?'
'is utter bullshit. I wouldn't write this. Ever. If i was going to break up with you, not that i ever would, i would at least like to think i'd have the decency to do it face to face.'
'Can i have it back please?'
He  handed it to you and you tore it in half, then again and again before dropping the pieces to the ground.
'I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I'm also sorry i ignored you. I was just mad and upset and didn't know what was happening and it just hurt and I- you shouldn't have to be here, you're meant to be on tour.'
He pulled you into his arms and just held you.
'I needed to know what was happening here. I didn't know what was going on and i thought something happened and then Julie called me when i was in the airport and i knew i needed to come back even more-so, and to learn you had left and were in a motel, to be honest it kinda tore me apart.'
'I'm so sorry Harry.'
'So am I love. That people are that keen on trying to destroy us that they'll make up letters like that. I just never thought they'd sink that low.'
'I feel stupid for believing it.'
'Do you really think i'd do something like that?'
'I wasn't thinking, i was tired and stressed and alone and i was having a bad time and i missed you, i would have believed anything. But to answer your question, no.'
'I don't want you to feel alone. Ever. But, i do get those same feelings. i know i have the other guys but they just aren't you and i really miss you. I miss you after just a day of not being together, and i guess that makes me kinda pathetic, but love, i've grown rather attatched to you.'
'If thats what pathetic is, then me too. I love you Harry Styles, as hard as it is sometimes, i truly do.'
He didn't say anything for a few moments, he just leant down and kissed you. When he pulled away, he kept hold of your hand and leant down to look you in the eyes.
'I love you too Y/N. Are we okay?'
'I'd like to think so..'

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