One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


24. Brianna & Harry - Request

As you took a long, deep breath, you pulled the large glass door open and stepped into the air-conditioned foyer. The room was large, and surprisingly full of people, all seated in chairs around the room.

‘Can I help you miss?’ You turned to a young woman with blonde hair.

‘Er, hi. I’m Brianna (Y/L/N). I was asked to come in by Mr Matthews?’ The girl nodded and motioned for you to follow her down a hallway. She stopped out front of an unmarked door and knocked twice. After a few moments it swung open to reveal a man, presumably Mr Matthews.

‘You must be Brianna. Come in, there is an important matter we need to discuss.’ You walked in and sat at one of the two chairs in front of his desk.

‘If you don’t mind me asking Sir, but why am I here?’ He sat in his chair and faced you, folding his hands together on the table.

‘I’m the deputy manager for the band One Direction, and it has come to my attention that you are dating one of the members. Harry Styles, is it?’

‘Yes. Is there a problem with that?’

‘Indeed there is Brianna. You see, we need Harry to surround himself in the best people possible, and I’m afraid to say you do not meet our standards. I understand that you come from a lower income part of London? That’s not something Harry can be associated with.’

‘What are you trying to tell me?’

‘That you can longer see Harry Styles. You must break up with him and leave. He will forget about you soon enough, and you can move on with someone more your… type.’ Tears stung your eyes, but you refused to let him see he had hurt you.

‘I… can’t… won’t do that.’ The man just shook his head.

‘Well, if you aren’t willing to co-operate, we’ll call Harry in. Do you mind waiting here until he arrives?’

‘Not at all.’


After Mr Matthews had made the phone call to Harry requesting his presence, he led you to an empty waiting room. The clock on your phone indicated seventeen minutes had passed, and as it neared eighteen minutes, you heard footsteps approach. A man unfamiliar to you approached.

‘You are to return to Mr Matthews’ office, Harry has arrived. Word of advice ma’am, don’t let them do this to you. If you really love each other, they won’t be able to, but just keep strong.’

‘Thanks for the advice, but why are you telling me this?’

‘Because I know what this management company is capable of. I’ve seen them destroy the strongest of relationships with lies. They don’t let me in on anything anymore, I’m just an errand runner. The office is just down the hall, second door on the left. Good luck.’ You smiled and walked in the direction instructed. You knocked and opened the door, revealing Harry in one chair with his head hung back and a distressed look on his face. Mr Matthews motioned for you to enter.

‘Sit down.’ You weren’t surprised at his chilly tone; it seemed to suit his personality. You looked at Harry who was staring at you and took a seat.

‘What’s she doing here?’ You looked at Harry, surprised he didn’t know you were here.

‘I have spoken to her, and after she refused to listen to me, I had to call you in to inform you myself. To say it straight, you are to break up with her Harry. It’s bad for your image.’ Harry raised his eyebrows and stood, looking at the man.

‘You’ve got to be fucking joking. How is she bad for my image? If anything, she’s the one that maintains my image!’ Mr Matthews just shook his head.

‘Listen to me Styles, I can make your life hell and you know that, so why not make this easy for everyone and just do as I say?’

‘So go ahead. I’d go through hell and back to be with Brianna, and the sooner you realise that nothing will tear us apart, the better!’ You looked up at Harry who reached for your hand, and pulled you up. ‘We’re leaving.’

‘If you dare walk out of this office, I’ll…’ He began, but Harry cut him off

‘You’ll what? Do your worst, because no matter what you’ll do, it will never affect me, or the people closest to me. I’ll sue you for everything your worth, and pretty soon you’ll be nothing.’ With that Harry opened the door and followed you out, slamming it behind him. Several people nearby stared but the two of you just walked out hand-in-hand. Neither of you said anything until you got in Harry’s car. You looked at him and he leant his head back onto the headrest. He still looked pissed.

‘Harry?’ As he turned his head to look at you, you saw his expression soften. ‘I don’t want to make things difficult for your life…’

‘You don’t and never will! The only way you’d do that is if you ever left me.’

‘But the way he was talking… what if something happens to you?’

‘It won’t. Just trust me. All I’m worried about is you. They’re going to try everything they can to split us up, and that’s something I never ever want to happen. Can you promise that you won’t believe anything about me unless you hear it from me yourself?’

‘That’s an easy promise to make.’ He smiled at you and leaned over, pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

‘I love you Brianna.’

‘I love you too Harry.’ He smiled at you.

‘Can I ask you something?’


‘What did he say to you before I got there?’ You turned your head away.

‘That I’m from a lower income part of London and that’s something you can’t be associated with and that I should break up with you and date someone more my type because you’d forget about me soon enough.’

‘And what did you say?’ His voice sounded weak.

‘I said I wouldn’t do that.’

‘I’m glad. Because that man was wrong about a lot of things today, and one of the main ones being I’d forget about you easily. I couldn’t forget you, ever. You changed my life.’

‘As you did mine.’



I've come to the realisation i don't do authors notes.... and i think i've said that before.. it sounds vaguely familiar. But anyways, my lawd its hot here! TURN. THE. AIR. CONDITIONER. ON.! Yes, i love summer, but really, chill out! ;) Hope you like it Brianna! Tell me what you think x

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