One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


16. Aria & Niall - Request

Today was the day, the day Niall was coming home. He was coming home from a seven month tour and over the course of that time; you had only been able to visit him once. His flight was coming in late at night, at around eleven pm in an attempt to avoid paparazzi and fans swarming them. You had promised Niall you’d be at the airport, and he had promised to call as soon as he landed. You spent the entire day cleaning the apartment and deciding what you were going to wear. You decided on wearing the beanie you took from him when you visited him on tour.


As 11pm neared, you made your way to the airport. It was harder than you thought it would be to find a parking space. You guessed that people had found out the boys were landing tonight. It’s a shame how nothing can stay a secret. You Put your hands in your coat pockets and put your head down, making your way into the airport. You were right. The place was flooded with girls of all ages screaming and shoving, hoping to get a glimpse of One Direction. They were all behind the bag scanners and you needed to get through onto the other side. You walked to the edge of the group and walked around the long way. You checked your phone. 11:10pm. Just as you put your phone away, an announcement came over the loudspeaker.


‘Flight 602 has been delayed for four hours due to severe weather.’ That was Niall’s flight. You looked around at the other girls and they had the same disappointed look on their faces as you. You decided to wait around and maybe find a quiet bench to try and get some sleep. As you were making your way to a lounge area, your phone started ringing. Checking the caller ID, you saw it was Niall.


‘Aria. Curious question, where are you?’

‘I’m at the airport, why?’

‘Find gate thirteen and follow that down to the lounge.’

‘Alright, but why?’

‘That’s a surprise. See you later babe.’

‘Bye Ni.’ Looking around you saw a security guard talking into an earpiece. You approached him.

‘Excuse me sir, but might you be able to tell me where gate thirteen is?’ He looked at you coldly then pulled out a piece of paper.


‘Aria (Y/L/N).’ He looked at the paper for a moment then back at you.

‘Follow me, Miss (Y/L/N).’ You walked down a corridor with window walls and turned into another tiled corridor. Without your glasses on, you couldn’t see the end of the corridor. It was deadly silent, all you could hear was your shoes on the tiles. You walked past several waiting areas with numbers on the wall, and you soon realised the numbers were going up. Twelve, you were close. As you neared the end, you could hear voices and laughter. The security guard stopped at another lounge and motioned for you to go in. You thanked him and he walked away. As you walked in, you saw Liam and Zayn were asleep and Harry was on his phone. Louis and Niall had their back to you and were looking out the windows, laughing about something. Harry looked up at you and smiled, motioning for you to come in. You walked over to him and sat next to him. Niall and Louis still hadn’t noticed you were there.

‘How’ve you been love?’

‘Pretty good. Have you seen all the girls out there? Oh my lord.’

‘Yeah, that’s why we got a different plane. A private jet. Have you ever been in one of those? I so need to get me one.’ You smiled at him; you could tell he was tired. You both looked over at the windows to where Louis and Niall were, but they were gone. You looked around the room but couldn’t see them anywhere.

‘Where’d Niall go?’ Harry looked at you and shrugged. You stood up and started walking over to the window. After you had taken a few steps you were tackled to the ground. The two of you hit the ground. You heard laughter echoing around the room and felt the two strong arms wrapped around your waist. The fall hadn’t hurt, but it had surprised you. You looked into Nialls eyes and he was grinning at you. He leant in and kissed you causing you to smile. When he pulled back, he stood up and offered his hand to you. He helped you up and wrapped you in a warm hug. You had missed this. Him.

‘Sorry about that Aria, but you have to admit, it was pretty fantastic. You didn’t expect a thing!’ You looked at Louis who was grinning from ear to ear. Harry got up and walked over to Liam and Zayn. He sat down on top of Liam, and Louis ran over to join him, instead sitting on Zayn. Liam pushed Harry off, causing him to fall to the floor in hysterics but Zayn didn’t move. Liam sat up and rubbed his eyes, mumbling something about Harry. Harry jumped up and sat in Liams lap, only for him to be pushed off again. You turned away from them and looked up at Niall who was smiling.

‘I missed you Niall.’ He lent down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.

‘I missed you to princess. But now I’m back!’

‘For how long?’ He frowned.

‘I’ve no idea.’

‘Well we better make the best of the time we have then!’ He smiled down at you.

‘Yeah. You know, I was wondering where my beanie got to.’

‘It… um… found its way… into my bag… You can have it back, it just reminded me of you.’

‘Don’t worry about it love, it looks better on you anyways.’ You smiled at him and looked back at the other boys. They were lying on top of Zayn who was still asleep. Behind you, a deep voice said the cars were ready. You all left the lounge and followed the man out a side exit and into a small parking area with five cars. You and Niall hugged the others boys goodbye and slid into the car. Halfway home, it dawned on you that your car was at the airport.

‘Don’t worry Aria, we’ll get it tomorrow.’ When you got home the two of you went straight to bed.

‘I love you Niall.’

‘I love you too Aria. Forever and always.’ You fell asleep almost instantly in his arms. It was the safest place you could be.

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