"Now for the first time in Hogwarts, we are allowing to have one head girl and one head boy for each house. That means that the person here in front are the ones who are going to be this year's head girls and head boys. Let's give them a round of applause."

Wait.. If Mcgonagall said that the persons in front are going to be the head boys and head girls for the year then basically... Chase is the head girl of Slytherin!! No.. No way.. Just no.


4. Four

The moment she left the room, I decided to wear my robes and go to breakfast early. It's not like I actually want to be inside a tub full of bubbles and soapy water. I mean who the fuck likes soapy water covering your whole body? Oh I know, mudbloods.

I reached the Great Hall early. Just a few people had been inside the hall and mostly those people are Gryffindors. Those filthy blood traitors. I sighed and took a seat at the Slytherin table. A student came near me and offered a bottle of water for three sickles. I bought it since I was really really thirsty. I take a sip and almost finished the bottled halfway. Satisfied, I put the bottle down. After a few minutes of not knowing what else to do, I grabbed my phone from my invisible pockets and decided to text Xavier Anderson. In case you're wondering (which I know you are) Xavier is my cousin who is unfortunately a half-blood. How is that possible? Well, I would like to tell you but it's a long story besides it's not really that important. After a few minutes of waiting for him to reply, Potter, Weasel and Granger suddenly showed up.

"Hello Malfoy" Potter greeted while the other two whispered something to each other's ear. I swear if I see another Weasley at Hogwarts by the next 19 years, I'm going to kill myself.

I raised an eyebrow on them before saying "Go on Potter." I know that he's not going to greet me because he likes to do it. I'm not that stupid to figure that out.

"Look I'm very sorry that we pull pranks on you before this school year but- wait isn't that your mum?" He asked. I turned around and saw nothing. I returned my attention back to Potter, Weasel and Granger who's trying not to laugh. Unfortunately they suck at hiding their laughter  and end up snorting like Chase and Weber did last night. I rolled my eyes and took the bottle    and drank the remaining water. When the water reached my throat I suddenly feel a weird burning sensation sliding down. I gulped and decided to check my phone again. A text appeared but it wasn't from Xavier. More like from an unknown number.

"YO LOOKING GOOD XD" The text says. 

After a few minutes, more and more students entered the Great Hall. Some are looking at me while trying to control their laughter and some well they didn't control their laughter very well. I gave them confused looks but then I decided to ignore all of their laughing and snorting. I still don't know why they're laughing at me. It's like they saw the Weasel twins with firecrackers and fireworks again. Finally the food appeared and we started to eat but Mcgonagall has other ideas. 

"Since we chose the new Head Girls and Head Boys, we agreed to add more points to each house if they start to provide entertainment during dinner here at the Great Hall. The Head Boy  and Head Girl from each house will form a group according to their gender. The said group must perform 5 different songs for one week with the days having different themes such as 'Rock Wednesday' and 'Acoustic Thursday'. If one group succeeds in singing 5 different songs for a week, each house will get 10 points but if a member in the winning group provides an excellent performance than the rest of it's members, then that member's house will accept 20 points with the extra 10 points he or she got from the winning the group challenge. This will be held only once in a month. Another one is that we also agreed to add the 'Saturday Pair'. The Saturday Pair is about the Head Girl and Head Boy singing one song every once in a month. The Saturday Pair is once again a contest and whoever pair will win the contest will accept 40 house points." Mcgonagall said.

I tried to understand all the things she said. Okay, first, I will be with Potter and two guys I don't know so we can practice 5 different songs that has 5 different themes and second, I have to sing with Chase. What the fuck Mcgonagall?


Okay so I know it's confusing.. But... You know what I'm just going to explain it..

1. There will be two groups. One for the Head Girls from each house and one from the Head Boys from each house.

2. Each group will perform 5 different songs. One song for one day. They will perform it once a month. 

3. The themes maybe R&B Monday, Pop Tuesday, Rock/Alternative Wednesday, Acoustic Thursday and I haven't thought about anything yet for Friday.

4. In the Saturday Pair, the Head Girl and Head Boy from each house will sing one song that will be presented at a Saturday. Again the Saturday Pair is once a month.

5. If the Girl's group won every house will get 10 points but among the girls there is one member that will get an extra 20 points because of her excellent performance. In short one of the four ladies will accept 30 house points while the rest of the group will only get 10. 



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