Who will it be? (ON HOLD)


1. London

" oh my god " u said as u walked into your new apartment that u hav been planning wt your friends for a long long time now. "What?", your friend Bo said , " it's just like I thought it would be.", u reply, putting the box down that you need to unpack." Yeah well it's not that big but , it's a good start don't you think ", she said . " Yeah , of course , it's wonderful. " , u say. " Yeah well if u guys don't mind we still have a lot of stuff back in the truck , that I wouldn't like getting myself !", your other friend Victoria said . " yeah um rite " u both say as all three of u head back to the truck.


You carried the last box inside the mid sized apartment , " Hey would should go get take out!" , Victoria says. "MCDONALD'S !", Bo said . You and Victoria made a " nah " face , " WHAT?, I thought u guys like McDonalds ! " , " We do its just its far away and we can get lost on these streets we barley know in London", you say.

*Your P.O.V*

"How about that nandos phone number I saved from when we were little " I said . " YOU STILL HAVE THAT !", Victoria said . "Yeah , well maybe in one of the boxes , I know I saved it ." , I say. " TO DA CAR THEN! " , Bo said .

*during car drive *

" OMFG DO YOU REMEBER THIS SONG GUYS !" , Bo said as she got her iPod and looked at the road at the same time . I hear a similar tune and we turn it up and start yelling it loud . It was dark on the road which SUPRISED me since its London but I ignored it.

" WHEN YOUR READY COME AND GET IT NANANANA!" , we all sang . All of a sudden we feel a bump . " NANANA OH CRAP !", Victoria said . We stopped the car ," what was that ?!", I ask to Bo. " um it was probably some squirrel or something!" , she said , I can hear panic in her voice ." OH YEAH A SQUIRREL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD !" I say. " DONT YELL AT ME WE WERE SO BUSY SINGING SELENA'S SONG !" She said defending herself . " maybe we should go check it out ", Vicky said . " fine!" We both said. As we get out of the car I see Toms on the edge . " OH SHIT!", Bo said . We all walked where Bo was . We gasped at the body of a late teenage boy I guess. He started moving and we all backed up , he opened his eyes revealing gorgeous blue crystal eyes . " where I'm I ?" He asked . " Well at the moment , the middle of the road ." Bo said . " what happend ?" He said. " Well um we saw u here past out , WERE YOU DRINKING HUH ! ", Bo said . We stared at Bo. " Okay. I kinda hit you with my car while listening to selena gomez." She said . There was silence until I broke it with ," maybe you can use a ride ?". Bo stared at me . I gave her a " chill " look . " Yeah we were just heading to go get food but we kinda got lost." Victoria added . We all stared at Bo until she said "fine." Victoria helped the guy get in the back seat with her and me and Bo we in the front seats . " So um creepy rode guy ? What's your name ?." Bo asked . " Louis um louis tomlinson " was all he said .

(Haha well that's chapter one , what do u think)

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