Who will it be? (ON HOLD)


2. eleanor...

" so louis , where you head up too?", I asked . " I guess I was planning on going to Harry's flat to meet the lads." " The lads ?" , Bo asked . " yeah um my friends were just planning to hang out I guess ." , he replied . " Well if you want me to drive you there , your going to have to give me directions", Bo said stating the obvious.

After a few " turn this way then that ways" we finally got to louis' friends house .

I guess you can say it was big well compared to what we have." So thanks " he said . " No problem" , I reply. " I'm pretty sure this is the part where you get out of the car ", Bo said . What's her problem we wouldn't be here if she was paying attention to the road.

" Bo play nice.", Victoria said . Obviously noticing how annoyed she is by him. " what ever ." I heard her mumble back to Victoria . " hey maybe you guys can come inside , since you wanted some food we ordered pizza- " " No , it's fine I think I saw a Burger King nea- " I started before she could finish ," yeah we' ll meet you there." I said getting a sweet smile from louis as he got out off the car. " CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!" , I yell at Bo. " I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM , IM JUST GETTING ANNOYED BY HIM RUINING OUT FIRST NIGHT HERE!" , she says just as loud as I sounded. " WELL I THINK UR ACTING SO COLD TOWARDS HIM FOR A BIT OF ANNOYENCE

DONT U THINK ?!" , I say a little louder at this point Victoria is just looking out the window pretending she isn't listening. Bo ignored me , I starred at her after a while I decided to tell Victoria ," C'mon Victoria I'm not putting up with this shit not now and their waiting ." I say fast as I opened the door to Bo's car , me and Victoria were heading towards the door when I stopped to look back , to see if Bo had gotten out of the car , not to my suprise she wasn't . We knocked on the door , a few moments later louis came ," hey!", he yelled. Was he drunk already , or was he already used to us and just being himself . I'm stuck in between. We came inside to a few boys and I girl. " I'm niall" , the blonde one jumped on to us . He was definatly hyper active.louis had to introduce me to the rest of the boys at least , the girl had gone somewhere I didn't really catch her but I guess I shouldn't really worry . I think . Since we didn't know anyone that much it was kinda awkward , I guess you can say a little to simple . But the pizza was delicious . Better than America's tho. After a little talking I got to know more about them . I wonder if louis ever told them how we met did he lie to them? I don't know if they even asked actually . Victoria has had a strong connection to niall more like friendship connection . There was 4 boys Liam , harry , zayn , and niall. They all seem pretty nice I guess . They were funny , sweet, and incredibly attractive. My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of of the door . It was Bo. " hey " was all she said . Their was silence until niall said , " WHO ARE YOU!" , he seemed curious and determined at the same time . To be honest I had almost forgotten about her. She walked towards me and grabbed my arm pulling me into a hallway. " Look I'm sorry okay , I overreacted , and I'm sorry . " , I was a little suprised Bo wasn't exactly the forgiving kind of person . " it's fine I kinda overreacted also." We gave each other we're good smiles and went back to the living room. "Guys this is um this is Bo", I said . They greeted each other and we were back to just being a simple bunch . I asked Lou where was the kitchen , my mouth was a little dry. As I entered I saw a similar figure laying her elbows on the counter , it was the girl I saw earlier but disappeared . I made my way toward the fridge to get some cold water . As I closed the door I was in the same position she was but far away from where she was . " hey , I'm Yessica." I said . Trying to fight the thick air in this room . " oh um hi " . , she seemed shy ." What's your name ?," I ask curiously. " Eleanor but you can call me El."

You guys probably tought she wasent ganna be there, well guess again.

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