Who will it be? (ON HOLD)


6. can't be true

As I was walking back, I just remembered why I left . I really don't wanna face Bo , or anyone really. Hopefully niether of my " friends" are there. But what's even bigger, I just kissed Louis. I'm I suppose to not tell. Do I act like it never happend. OMG what do I do, I don't know ugh ! I've got to stop talking to myself. I'm on the sidewalk of the apartment . Should I go in. Should I not talk to Bo or Victoria. AHH fuck it, it's cold. I go inside , Victoria's there but I find her sleeping on the couch. I turn off the TV I guess she was watching. And grab a blanket to cover her up. Ugh , I should be leaving you here suffering in the cold without a blanket . But I force myself. I walk up the stairs lazily , I hear Bo's usual music as I walk pass her room. I think she heard my footsteps cause, " Jess?", she asks. Ugh ignore her Yessica ignore her. I get to my room and slam the door. And just jump on my bed just laying there. " I thought moving here was gonna be FUN!!!", I yell. I think we've only been here 4 days, and there's already all this drama! I'm still trying to process the fact that louis and eleanor had a kid. I had forgotten to ask Bo where the baby is now when we were fighting. I just want it to go away, for everything to go away!!


I woke up in the same spot I was when I got here last night. I forgot to change yesterday . Great. I change into some sweats and walk down stairs with a messy bun.

Breakfast was kinda awkward there was no talking , no eye contact, it was weird. Victoria had made egg, I don't think she wanted to ask me to do anything after yesterday. " I KISSED LOU!", I yell . What the hell is wrong with me. I just blurted something I wasn't planning on saying to them. " W-What?", Victoria says. " um nothing I I just-", " kissed Lou .", Bo said . Wow your a pain in the ass. Victoria looked weird when I said it mostly like shock and confused. She probably thought I don't have the guts for it.Bo smirked to Victoria , okay there goes another secret I don't know about them. " okay you guys not telling me about this either makes me even more angry.", I say. " there's no secret! It's just weird.", Victoria says. And she storms upstairs . The hell? " Don't worry about her", Bo says . " you know your a treat either .", I say coldly to her . I'm still mad at her . She looks away . And I go upstairs I stop midway when I hear Victoria talking to someone on the phone. " Are you kidding me! You kissed her!," I hear from her. Is she talking to Lou? Why is she so angry. " sorry is not gunnna top it off !", she half yells.

Are her and Lou , like? Oh my god this can't be true.....

Hopefully you guys like it

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