Who will it be? (ON HOLD)


5. awkward

A bunch of emotions ran through me. Is she gunna punch me ? Is she gunna pull my hair or something." You've got some nerve coming," she says angrily. Did she think our little fight was gunna stop me from coming to have fun? " I'm sorry! Did you think I wouldn't come? Well I'm sorry if that ruined your plans?!", I say trying to fight the feeling of wanting to slap her right here right now. " Oh no! , this just suprised me you know . Seeing you back here with hopes of getting Lou away -," I interrupt her before she could say more," for the last time! I'm not trying to get louis away from you!", I say getting annoyed by this attitude of hers. " then why do you like him?", she says calmly. " Like him?", I say I know I like him but how would she know?

" I thought we stopped playing dumb a long time ago," she said sounding calm I know I said that before but calmer than usual. " Look , obviously you might be a little jealous or -",

" I'M NOT JEALOUS!", she defends . Wow someone's got some anger issues. " Look are you like bipolar or something or are you just a real bitch!". " UGH!" , she groans as she raises her hand to slap me. " Aright girls ar - El? " , Lou says as he walks in to us. " Um she had um something in her hair," she says lowering her hand. Okay you've got to be kidding me , he won't believe her right . Her hand was way up in the air to just touch my hair. " oh. Well um the car is set , you girls should come out already." He said. And my thoughts were wrong I could see in a way he knew what was going on but didn't wanna believe it. Hmm.


As we were on our way , I sat next to Bo and Zayn. The car ride was silent. Almost too silent it was awkward. I could only hear the low music in the background.

We pull over in a dark parking lot. I could only see the different colored flashing lights from like 3 feet away. As we finally all got off completely , which took like 5 mins, we entered the club. It was the usual music blasting , sweaty bodies, flashy lights. Just like in America . I expected to turn to one of the guys or my two friends . But what a coincidence it's the one and only Eleanor. She gives me a disgust look. What did I ever do for her to hate me this much? I decide to take a few shots. I really need it. After like 7 of them I begin to feel everything turn . I'm not drunk cause I can still think clearly. But I'm like half drunk? I don't know. I see Bo and Victoria talking on the opposite side of me . I walk towards them but they don't seem to notice me? I catch some of their conversation with " you should just tell her !", from Victoria and " do you know how angry Jess would get I wasn't planning on telling her before I'm not doing it now. " Bo says. Okay now I'm curious. " tell me what? ", I ask. As I get wide eyes from both of them . Clearly I wasn't suppose to hear any of that . I wonder why. I'm waiting for an answer from either of them. Neither of them talk. " Alright I see you wernt expecting me to hear that , now were you?", I ask. They stand still. I don't have time for this. I turn around neither of them try to stop me. I head over to the table with the boys and El. Niall sees me , and kindly asks me to sit down. I see El glare at niall , and I obviously know why . Niall shrugs. They were talking about something about zayn and a girl . But they all seem drunk and it's kinda entertaining. All of a sudden Eleanor and Lou start arguing about something stupid and He says " I wouldn't be able to take care of a pet and you know it." He kinda chuckles with it. " Obviously , you couldn't even take care of your own daughter," she says. What? Everyone remains quiet . Besides the music blasting from behind. I'm confused Oh Eleanor's definitely not drunk. Louis stares at El. While she smirks , probably glad I heard that. Bo comes along with Victoria . Not knowing what happend their in a jumpy mood . As they said if they could get a cab and go home cause they were tired. After not getting a answer Bo begins to look at El. Eleanor gets up " One way or another.," she smiles to Bo. Okay I am so confused. Victoria remained still. It's like everyone knew something and I was left behind. My mind goes back to when Eleanor said Lou couldn't even take care of his own daughter . Did he have a kid with someone? " We should go," Bo says sternly. " Yeah.," Victoria joins. Bo takes my arm and practically drags me through the crowd of people out the door. She didn't even let me say bye to the boys? " OKAY. What's going on!", I say. " We're gonna call a cab.", Bo says casually. " No really.", I say. I know I sound a little annoying , but I deserve answers . Obviously Bo and Eleanor have a past I don't know about. And I'm eager to find out. Now Victoria either knows about it or is part of it. " C- Can we just talk about this when we get home.", Bo stutters. I nodd slightly.

* after cab drive *

I pay for the driver which I think is really unfair. But all I can think about right now is what I was about to experience when I get in the house. After paying the cab driver , I get in the house to Victoria and Bo arguing. Well surprise surprise , their probably arguing about what their gonna say to me. I don't care who I just wanna hear it. I fold my hands , and move my eyebrows, to show them I'm waiting. They stop arguing and and look at me slowly. This is probably serious , but I can't think of anything that would make me so angry. " O- Okay , um why don't we sit down," Bo suggests . Oh great the Ol' sit down thing. " Alright ," I say. I make my way to the couch they were near on. " well?", I say to Bo who's still standing . " Um right.", she replies. She sits down and takes a deep breath. I don't know if I'm ready to hear this. And it looks like Bo isn't ready to say it. " Um how do I start this." , she says looking down. " Remember when I came to London with my grandma 2 years ago ," she says. I nod. " Well , I had Met Eleanor.", she says pausing inbetween words. She met Eleanor ? How is that bad. " Okay so you met eleanor what's so bad about that?" I say. " Y- You didn't let me finish." , she replies. Oh. I move my hands to tell her to go on , and she nods. " Well we became friends. And long story short. We became really close." She says. So she became best friends with someone I don't like, for her 3 months here, I still don't see the problem. " and on my second month here she had told me something , something so hard to convert , something life changing for her , she was well she was pregnant ." , she says slowly. As she said those last words I lost it , Eleanor , a mother? I hate to see who the father was. " Well since she was 16 I told her to give the baby up for adoption. she agreed with me but then she told me she would keep it a week later.", she says. Wow. Where's the baby now?

" W- Who's the farther?", I ask not wanting the answer. " Okay before I tell you I want you to know I had nothi-", I interrupt her " WHO'S THE FATHER!," I yell. " Jess , the father is Lou." She says . I stood still . What. How . How what? " I'm sorry I never told you." Bo said . How could she do this to me she knew I liked Lou. It's still hard to understand this. " You know what , I don't know what to think of you anymore!", I say furious. As I stand up.She had met eleanor and knew she was pregnant with Louis 2 years ago. How could she think I would let this go . " look Yessica calm down , I'm truly sorry I -I didn't know how to tell you since I didn't tell you before I thought we could let everything in the past be the past if this , here, in London would be a fresh start." " HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY FORGET THIS! IF YOU WANTED A NEW START YOU SHOULD'VE TOLD ME THIS A LONG TIME AGO! YOU DIDNT THINK WE COULD FIND HER HERE WHERE YOU MET HER! YOU LET ME TALK TO YOU ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT LOUIS , AND YOU GO ON KNOWING ABOUT THIS , MAKING ME SOUND LIKE A FOOL! ", I spit angrily. I can't believe this . I feel my heart falling apart as I say every word come out of my mouth. " LOOK IM NOT THE ONLY BAD GUY HERE WHAT ABOUT LOUIS, HUH HE'S THE ONE THAT REALLY DID THIS , WHY DONT YOU GO YELL AT HIM!" She yells at me. " BECAUSE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT ANYMORE ALL OF YOU BETRAYED ME, IM PRETTY SURE VICTORIA WAS ON THIS TOO , WAS SHE?!" I Ask loudly. " yes." She says quietly. " HA , IM OUT OF HERE!", I yell. " Where you going!", she replies. " I - I don't know.", I say calmly . As I walk out of the apartment , I have a lot of things on my mind just racing around my head. I decide to go for a walk . The cool wind of London calms me and feels fresh, I walk about 20 feet away from the house. It's dark as usual I guess London people sleep early. I'm the only one outside I can't see any cars or people , all I see is a corner store about 5 feet away from me. I see a bench in the darkness , I see someone sitting on it with their heads in their hands . I walk by and notice a similar outfit to when we went out Tonight . It was Lou . As angry as I am for him not telling me . He seems depressed. " Lou?", I ask his head sits up looking at me . " are you alright?" I ask again. " Yeah I just , No. " , he says. I walk over to him and sit next to him. " Alright , What's up?", I say. " Me and El had a little missing out back there." , he admits. " Yeah well today kinda sucked.", I say. He laughs a little. We kinds just sit there , just thinking. " Thanks " , he said. I looked at him confusly. " for what?," I ask. " Making me feel better.", he says with a warm smile. I give him one back and we just stare at each other. He leans in. Without thinking I do too. We end up kissing . Wait what NO!. After 7 slow seconds I pull away. I stand up , " I'm sorry but I like you I really do, but it wouldn't be fair to Eleanor , and even though I hate her so much , I'm not that kind of person." , I say. He nods. " I'm sorry I leaned in fir- " he says . " No really it's fine. Um I'll go now. ", I say slowly . AWKWARD. " um yeah ." He agrees. We both turn opposite sides and walk away. What just happend and why did I enjoy it.

How is it so far?

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