truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


13. the blues

I stare down Alexa as I hop in her car with puffy eyes and a runny nose, she opens her mouth to say something but then quickly shuts it realizing what's happened... It's been 4 days since Niall and I have, split and I'm finally starting to feel the pain more than ever. Failing my classes, not getting any sleep, not eating, I don't know what's happening...!

"So Ariana, have you studied for your biology assignment today?" She asks excited, I stare down at my hands that are shaking uncontrollably,

I need to feed myself, I think as I watch horrified as they shake horrifically, Lexi clicks her hand in front on my face as if to wake me up from a daze "so...?" She asks again, I turn to her "no" I say then continue to stare in awe at my hands, she laughs a bit and then keeps her eyes on the road "Oh and you know why I haven't studied?" I ask her as she turns around the round about, "no why?" She asks as she leans towards the right and then straightens up again "Because guess who's my partner?" I ask her furiously, her face falls and she shrugs "Ariana, it's been 2 days, he's probably moved on, I think it's time you do to" she suggests motioning her hand at the high school as she pulls up into the parking lot.

What is she trying to say? That I'm just supposed to magically move on when I was falling from him, deeply, and I thought I finally had a guy for once, I finally knew what love felt like just for a few seconds and then I lost it again?

Well, thanks Alexa,

We hope out of the car and I spot Niall, "Great" I think to myself, the first day back at school and I have to face my biggest fear straight away, this day is already turning to be the worst day in history, and it hasn't even started. We walk up the stairs of the high school and I feel him staring straight through my back like he's wearing laser glasses,

It burns,

We walk into the halls of the high schools and it's surprisingly packed with students racing around the place, fretting about last week exams, personally I'm not that worried, I have until tomorrow to study, that should be enough. "Oh, Ms Grande, You haven't reported to you detention in 3 weeks straight" Mrs Crook says looking very angry "I'm very cross with you!" She hisses at me, I can see the rage in her eyes, what a bitch. She struts off with her massive bottom swaying from side to side, I swear the whole room shakes when she walks.

I enter the sports centre and my heart races when I see the swim suits hanging in the locker rooms. swimming has always been my stronger side to physical activities, ever since I was little, Swimming just comes to me naturally, it's my hidden talent I guess you could say

"OKAY" screams Mr Stern "GRAB A SWIMSUIT AND GO PUT IT ON YOU SLACKERS!" He shouts as he points to the pile of black saggy bathing suits on the ground, I take a lucky dip and pull out a soggy, wet swimming suit, that's partly clean... Partly. I've never been to the pool at this school before, heck I didn't even know they had one.

It's quite beautiful, the waters clear as a crystal, the cement isn't all moldy like they had back at my old school, and the waters deep, that means more bomb dives for me, I think as I walk along the edge of the pool "MS GRANDE NO DORDILING GO CHANGE!" I'm startled out of my day dream by Mr Stern, I quickly run. As I enter the locker rooms there's girls stripping off everywhere, I make my way past everyone trying not to touch anyone. I make it to an empty stall and lock myself in it, I slip the cold, baggy suit and by the time I'm out everyone's gone. I quickly run out of the changing rooms and join the group of girls lining up.

"GO!" Mr Stern yells as I dive off the diving board, I kick my legs as hard as they go and propel myself forward with all my force, but as I begin to take my last breath I feel someone watching me, stabbing me with their eyes, I instantly stop when I get to the end of the pool and don't even bother to turn around to see who's staring me down when I know the answer. I feel his icy blue eyes through my back and hop out of the pool, "GRANDE! GET BACK IN THE POOL!" Me Stern screams at me, I turn around to him "I'm feeling a bit queasy could I just sit out for a while?" I ask, not actually feeling sick, but wanting to get far away from him as possible, Mr Stern stares me down "You were doing great but anyways, yes you may, take a seat please" he says gesturing to the bench beside the pool, I take the seat and watch all the students swim, but most of all, I watch Niall, talking to Chelsea, getting more jealous by the second.

"OKAY NEXT THE BOYS ARE DOING WEIGHTS AND THE GIRLS ARE GETTING CHANGED!" Me Stern shouts at everyone "GO!" I walk to the locker rooms, but can't help myself walk along the corridor to the gym were I watch Niall lift weights, his bisects tense and I see his arm veins,

Oh my god!

"Ariana, what do you think your doing?" Someone calls behind me, I turn around to see Mr Stern standing with his arms crossed and he looks grumpy "I was just uh... Watching.... Uh" he cuts me off "Save is missy, off to the locker rooms for you!" I slowly walk past him and can't stop thinking about Niall.


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