truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


7. The big date


*BEEP* I hear a car horn go off outside and grab my door handle. “Mom! I’m leaving now” I scream so she can hear me, she comes running down the stairs “Okay honey! Be safe” she laughs, I give her a death stare and close the door behind me. I walk around my drive way and there he is, in his car tapping his fingers to the beat of the music, he stops instantly when he sees me and waves “Hello handsome” I say as I sit in the car seat, he looks me up and down in awe “You look stunning Ariana” he says staring straight at me, my cheeks turn bright red. “Thank you, so where will you be taking me on this fine day?” I giggle as I stare out of the window at the passing cars “Ariana, it’s a secret” he says laughing and keeping his eyes on the road.

We pull up at a posh restaurant, I get really nervous and start bitting my nails, he looks at me “Ariana?” he asks me as he stares at me “What’s wrong?” “Oh” I say straightening out my dress and removing my hands from my mouth “I’ve just never been to a ‘posh’ restaurant like this before” I say looking up at him, he laughs “Don’t worry Ariana, I just have to fill up” he says grabbing my the car door, I spot the petrol station behind the restaurant.

My cheeks go beetroot red.

“Stay here, I’ll be back in a few” he says slowly closing the door

I watch him as he walks into the store and wait.

What’s taking him so long…?

I step outside the car and lock the door. I approach the petrol shop and look inside the small shop from the window

No ones in there… not even the cashier

I approach the front desk and look curiously around the isolated room. “Hello?” I ask as I circle the aisles of food, the whole shop is extremely silent I can heart the tap dripping from outside. I hear a scuttle behind an aisle; I quickly spin around but only catch a tail of something


“Hello? Is anyone there?” I say as I approach more aisles “BAH!” Niall jumps out from one of the rows and scares me half to death

Holy crap!

“Niall! You just scared me!” I say running up to him and hugging him, he looks down at me “Aw sorry babe”

Yeah you better be…

A man walks out form one of the lanes and waves, I notice he has a work badge on his t-shirt and he’s dressed as an employee, he’s pretty buff but nothing compared to Niall. “This is Louis” Niall gestures towards him “Hi” he says holding out his hand, I shake his hand and then quickly return back behind Niall’s back.

My ears start to heat up…

“So Ariana, how long have you known ma friend Niall?” he says heading towards me “About 3 days?” I say looking at the ground, Louis walks over to me and laughs, he whispers something in Niall’s ear and walks off. “We should catch up more often Niall” he says smirking “You to Ariana” and then he walks back to his accountant desk and waves goodbye.

We hop back in the car “That was fun” I laugh as he starts the car up, he looks at me and smiles “Nah, not really, the REAL surprise is next” he says as he drives us away from the petrol station. I smirk and stare out of the window “Oh, I almost forgot” he says, he reaches for a button and the roof suddenly flips off, I stare at the sky in awe and laugh “Whoa! This is the best Niall!” I say as I let my arms float up in the air, he looks at me and snickers “You can do whatever you want these cars seatbelts are top of the range” he laughs, I look at him and giggle. I jump up and sit on the top of the chair and let my hair flap in the wind. We arrive at the next location, and I smile at him, he smiles back as he helps me off the chair and out of the car. He turns up the music in the car and we run down to the beach.

My dress flares out as I turn around and jump, he joins in and grabs my hands and swings me around. I laugh uncontrollably and he pulls me in for a hug. “Ariana dance with me” he says as he sways to the music, my feet follow his around in the sand “I’ve had the time of my life” I say smiling

“You don’t have to say anything just let me do the talking” he says brushing his hands through my hair.

 “I didn’t bring any swimmers Niall” I say as he laughs, his face turns mutual “Me either” he runs into the water with his beautiful tuxedo on, I laugh and run in after him. He runs after me as I run away “AAAAAAAAAH” I scream as he grabs me from behind and lifts me up in the air, I see past the trees and see the incredible sunset, I squeal it’s so beautiful. He places me down and holds me close as the little waves smash at our ankles.

 “I did all this to ask you something” he says as he keeps me close, I look up into his eyes “We’ve been really close lately” he says as he laughs in embarrassment, I dig my head into his chest so he doesn’t see me blushing “And I really like you” he says as he sways along with the waves “Oh heck” he says in anger “Will you be my girlfriend Ariana Grande?” he whispers in my ear, I lightly push him away from me and squeal “Yes” I say as I plunge towards him with a kiss, our lips clash together and I feel butterflies churning in my stomach. “Don’t let me go” I say as I hold him close, he stares down at me in “Don’t worry I won’t”

I walk through the door and have to pinch myself to make sure this is reality, mom looks at me and smiles “I take your ‘date’ went well” she asks giggling, I look at her and laugh “Wonderful” I say as I walk towards my room. I change out of my wet dress and get into my PJ’s. I sit up in my bed and just stare at my wall with a love struck expression upon my face the rest of the night.

Niall’s pov.

I enter my house and see my mom collapsed on the couch, my face turns into a frown, she’s been working all day and I feel bad for leaving her. I run up to my room and shut the door. I change out of my tux and into my boxers I sit on my bed and my heart flutters. “I think I’m falling for her” I say as I sit facing the wall for the rest of the night

Ariana’s pov.

“I think I… love him”


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