truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


5. peace

We sit down at a lunch table, as I swing my legs under neither the table and slump my chin in my palm as I stare into his stunning blue eyes as he talks about his music lesson. “So, Ariana, how was maths class” he says as he apostrophizes the ‘maths’, I cover my mouth and giggle “It was alright” I say, trying to hide my smile, he reaches out for my hand and pulls it away from my face “Don’t hide your smile, it’s gorgeous” he says blushing and looking down, my heart flutters and I smile this time keeping my hands in my lap.

We walk away from my locker and start our separate ways down the hall “Oh and Ariana!” I turn around and beam “Have a good time in Japanese!” My heart beats fast and I pull a silly face, he laughs and waves goodbye.

I arrive at Japanese and take my seat near the back of the room; this is the only class I get without Chelsea and Brittany in it, my only time to relax. “Okay class, today we’ll be learning how to say we like something” I giggle to myself as it reminds me of Niall, I really like him… how do I tell him? It’ll ruin our friend ship we have. I don’t know I just… “Ariana, are you okay?” Mrs Hummel asks politely as she bends down and looks at me curiously “Yes, perfectly fine thank you” I say shaking my head “Well on with the work please” She says straightening up her back and moving on. I grab my pen and continue to copy down the work on the board.

*BRING* I depart Japanese and swing my bag over onto my back as I continue to the front entrance. I see Niall talking to his friends outside on the stairs and walk straight up to him trying so hard to contain my smile. “Niall” I say waving as I come stroll over to him, he turns his head and smiles “Hey Ariana” he gestures his hand over to his friends. “Hi” I say shy hiding behind Niall “Who’s this Niall?” one of his friends nudges him in the ribs with his elbow with a smirk on his face “Oh, we’re not… dating” he says blushing and eyeing the ground, I watch his ears turn red. “Oh, that sucks, you better get in there before some else does” he says punching him on the arm and walking away with all his other friends.

I wake-up and stretch my arms over my head; I get up and open my curtains as I take in the fresh smell on the morning aroma. “Mom” I say as I start my way down the stairs “Yes” she says as she puts down the paper and crosses her arms “I love you” I say giving her a big bear hug “Whoa, someone’s a happy little sun flower aren’t they?” She says laughing as she continues to read her newspaper “Yeah” I sigh as I think about what’s going to happen at school today. “Why is that?” she asked with a smirk on her face “Oh, you know, just, nothing” I say collapsing on a chair and placing my chin in my palms as I stare out of the window “I know that look missy” she says staring me up and down “What look!” I say straightening up and widening my eyes “You like a boy” she says sniggering to herself “Whatever” I say as I leave out the door “Bye mom” I say cheerful “Bye honey, have a fun day with lover boy” she says laughing, I sigh in frustration.

I get to school and I see Chelsea and Brittany standing at the stairs chuckling away. I try to avoid them “Ariana!” Chelsea screams and struts towards me; I cover my face because it’s dramatically gone from a cheery smile to a miserable frown. “How are you?” she asked smiling looking down on me “I’m fine” I say awkwardly walking to the side to get away from her “Okay well how’s, Horan?” she says turning around to Brittany and laughing “I see your getting a bit too cosy with him” “No, we’re just friends” I say stepping towards her “Well, from what I see your more than that” she winks at me, flips her hair in my face and then she’s gone.

I sit underneath a tree and finish my homework as a tear runs down my face, it hurts to be bullied every single day of my life, no one will ever know what it feels like and I just wish I was normal. “Hey” a muscular man voice projects down at me, he sits down next to me “What’s wrong?” he asked concerned I study his face as it looks confused “Oh, it’s nothing” I say sniffling and turning my head back to my work, he takes my face in his hands and wipes my tears off my cheeks “It’s clearly not nothing” he says worried, I look up, I see pain and anger in his beautiful eyes. “It’s just Brittany and Chelsea” I say shaking my head and writing more words on my page. “What did they do” he says angrily raising his voice “They’re just…” a tear rushes down my face and lands on my paper and smudges my pen, I watch the ink as it runs down my page “When will they learn?” he says upset, he embraces me in his arms. My heart skips a beat and I start breathing quickly, I awkwardly lean my head on his chest and concentrate on nothing but his breathing levels and then sooner or later mine match his.

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