truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


23. Graduation

6 months later:

I wince as I feel the light trying to blind me from the window directly facing me, I grunt in frustration, but just as I go to get up and close the blinds a body stands before me and closes them for me,


I smile "Hey babe" I say sitting up in my bed and embracing him in my arms, he holds out a steaming mug of coffee under my nose and I close my eyes as I take in the aroma. I take a sip of the coffee and I feel the hot liquid touch my tongue, I giggle, he squeezes my cheeks in between his two hands "Do you remember what day it is today love?" he asks, raising his eye brows some how knowing I'd forget, I smile and nod my head "Yes, it's graduation silly" I say rolling my eyes, he chuckles "Get up, we need to get you ready" When I get up I finally see he's already wearing his suit, it's a dark grey colour, with a pink and white tie and a blazer hidden under his perfectly ironed coat,

he looks gorgeous, I think as he rummages through my wardrobe for the dress we picked out last month, I lazily sit on my bed trying my hardest to stay awake, he turns around and realises I'm tired "Babe, drink your coffee" he says chuckling, I laugh and take another sip of the delicious drink. He holds out the dress, it's quite modern and beautiful with beads at the top and flows out to a gorgeous cream colour, I love it. He makes his way over to me with the dress in his hands, I smile and quickly peck him on the lips as I take the dress and make my way to the bathroom to get changed.

*BANG BANG* I hear from outside the bathroom, looks like Lexi's here, I think as she opens the door, I stand in my undies and bra, she giggles as she makes her way over to me "Get dressed" she says handing me the dress, I laugh as I adjust my bra strap. She rustles through my make-up and gets all her equipment while I zip up the dress at the back, Alexa looks stunning, she's wearing a red dress that just covers her knees and her hair is whipped back in a pony tail. She turns around to see me in the dress and covers her mouth "awe, Ari, you looks adorable" she says nodding her head, I blush "Thank you, but you look even more adorable" I say tugging at her dress, it's like a silky feeling instead of fabric, she smiles and pats the seat in front of her "Where's Niall?" I ask frowning, she gestures towards the door, I sigh "He's waiting on your bed" she says picking up the make-up she wants to use "He can come in now" I say getting up to open the door, she immediately tugs me back down and looks furious "No, he must wait until your fully done" she says shaking her head at me "Now lean back please" she says sweetly.

Alexa finishes patting the last colour onto my eyelids and place down the brush, I look at my eyes in the mirror they look natural but very dark and mysterious. She picks up the lipstick and touches it up finally finishing with my make-up, it's perfect like usual. She grabs my brush and starts tugging at my hair, I frown as she struggles with my morning hair "OW" I shout as she tugs at a knot, she gasps "Awe sorry" she says rubbing my head. She grabs half my hair and ties it back into a half up half down do, I don't usually have my hair like this but it looks amazing. She smiles at me as stare into the mirror gobsmacked "Lexi... this is just perfect" I say frowning at how she can do it so amazingly. She grabs my hand and leads me out of the bathroom "Niall, close your eyes" she says covering his eyes as I emerge from the bathroom, she smiles one last time before she removes her hands from his eyes. He stands up and double takes, I watch as his eyes widen in amazement "whoa... Ariana you look beautiful" he says standing there awkwardly. I stare back into his eyes and grab his hand "Come on we have a graduation to go to" I say leading out the door.

When we arrive there's people everywhere in beautiful dresses and handsome tuxedoes, Lexi and I look at each other and we can feel it's going to be a great night. We enter the building and see people scattered in their groups of friends and I laugh as we take our seats at the back. "For many years, McKinley High School has participated in gradation night and have had many year 12's very successful with their careers" I sigh as we listen to the boring speech, I look at Niall and take his hand in mine to pass time, he squeezes mine back as to say 'this is so boring' I laugh as I turn my head back to the stage.

"And so we hope the students of McKinley High School have a wonderful collage experience and become very successful in life" the last sentence is spoken and I hear a rush of sighs from the crowd as if to say 'finally'. We all file out of the auditorium in single file and stand in a big group as we all count down. "5 4 3 2 1!" we all shout as we throw our hats in the air. Niall grabs my hand and pulls me out from the crowd, I laugh as he grabs my waist and smashes his lips on mine "X-factor here we come" he says into the kiss, my heart drops and I release form the kiss, he looks worried "What's wrong?" he asks frowning, I shake my head "Oh nothing, I just burnt my tongue so it's really sensitive" I say making up the excuse as we go along, he nods "Alright" he says smiling warmly "Let's go home" he says taking my hand and leading me to his car.

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