truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


10. Don't tell me you love me

Ariana’s pov:

*BRING* Lexi and I finish off math class and walk out the doors of high school together, I spot Niall leaning on our tree and see him tracing over the heart with his fingertips, so slowly, so accurately. He quickly straightens up and stares when he sees me stumbling my way down the front stairs, I have to hold onto the bar rails to help myself down because of the guilt I’m feeling is stabbing me right in the heart. He approaches me slowly as if he’s asking if it’s okay, I see his eyes, they’re so blue,

Guilt stabs me again,

He’s so tall and muscular,

I grip the side rail so hard my knuckles turn white and Alexa turns around to check if I’m okay “Ariana, what’s happening?” she asks worried, I turn to her and shake my head “Just… I’ll meet you in the car, okay?” she nods and races off to her car, before the storm starts. I straighten myself up and feel a lump form in my throat as I see his footsteps in front of me, I lift my head up to see his beautiful eyes, why is he doing this to me? “Ariana, what haven’t I told you?” he asks as we wait near the front steps as the last person leaves the car park, I look up at him “You dated Chelsea, you were a bad boy, you were friends with… them” I say,

I can’t even speak without my voice breaking,

He looks shocked “Ariana, that was last year… I’ve changed” he says confused, I turn my head away “Yeah? Then what were you doing with Chelsea and Brittany at lunch?” I ask feeling a tear drop down my cheek, I hear him walking around so I’m facing him again,

I can’t do this,

It starts pouring with rain, as I cross my arms, as it’s the only warmth I have now

“Ariana” I cut him off “I know your cheating on me with Chelsea!” I say turning around furious “I’m not stupid!” He stomps his foot on the ground,


“They asked me to join their group again!” he says yelling in his fluent Irish accent, my eyes sting with anger “AND YOU SAID YES?!” I scream in frustration “NO, I said no!” he screams back, I cover my face with my hands and sob, he turns around and starts walking over to a bin, he kicks it and it flips over as he screams in frustration, I feel the cold rain slip down my t-shirt and a shiver runs up my back, I start to shake and then I stop, it’s suddenly warm, warmer than my tears on my cheek. I look up and find Niall enclosing me in his arms, he looks down into my eyes and I feel his heart beat calm a bit.

“Ariana, I would never cheat on you” He whispers, I look into his blue eyes and my breaths become even “Neither will I” I say as he bring me in for a kiss. He wraps his hands around my waist and they move down to my hips, I run my fingers though his wet hair, I feel the rain run down my face and let it be, his lips connect with mine perfectly as the rain seeps through our clothes, it feels so right, he’s mine and no one else’s, I love him and wish I could replay this moment over and over again.

I hop into the car and can’t stop smiling, Lexi stares me down and giggles “Woah, your soaking” she says as she starts up the car “What happened?” she asks laughing, my smiling must give it away “Oh, nothing” I say as my smile grows by the second.

Nialls pov:

I lean against the tree and trace my fingers over the heart I drew for her, our names look so right together, I see her tripping down the stairs,

How cute,

I straighten up and watch as she grips the side rail, she makes eye contact with me but then turns away as soon as she notices me staring, I can’t help myself, look how beautiful she is? I start approaching her slowly in case she decides to run away, she tells Alexa something and I watch as Alexa runs off to her car, Ariana stops and looks at the ground, I reach her and stand right in front of her, I watch as she slowly lifts her head and see her gorgeous brown eyes, my heart sinks to see so much agony in them “Ariana, what haven’t I told you?” I ask wanting to find out so bad

She shakes her head “You date Chelsea, you were a bad boy, you were friends with… them” she says frowning, my stomach drops and I feel like I’m going to throw up, how did she find out, I get furious “Ariana that was last year… I’ve changed” I speak the truth,

I can’t believe this is actually happening,

“Yeah? Then what were you doing with Chelsea and Brittany at lunch?” she asks with tears welding in hers eyes, I hear thunder and then the storm begins “Ariana” she cuts me off, gosh she’s good at starting a fight “I know your cheating on me with Chelsea!” she says, I can see the fury in her eyes “I’m not stupid!” she yells back at me, My face burns up “They asked me to join their group again!” her eyes widen and she grinds her teeth in frustration “AND YOU SAID YES!” my anger rises “NO, I said no!” I scream back at her, she buries her face into her hands and starts crying, I can’t watch her cry,

What have I done?

I stomp over to a bin and kick it over as I scream out, I’m so frustrated! I look over at her and see her shaking, my anger cools down and guilt starts to kick in, I run over and wrap my arms around her and feel her breaths start to calm down, I feel her skin get warmer “Ariana, I would never cheat on you” I whisper to her as she look up at me “Neither will I” he heart warms up as I grab her face and share a passionate kiss. I grab her waist as she runs her fingers through my hair, I get goose bumps alone my neck, I think I fixed everything, hopefully I did, I didn’t mean to hurt her the way I did, but all that matter right now is this moment we share right now, it’s true and not one of us is hiding what we feel.

I grab my skateboard at the bike racks and fine it hard to hide my smile.


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