truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


18. And then the drama starts

I hear a long beep out the front of my house and watch as Alexa beeps the horn impaciently, I laugh and walk down stairs, I'm spotted by mom and she places down her news paper "Ariana" she says as I go to exit the door, I turn around and frown worried "Yes?" I ask confused, she looks down at her paper again "I've decided you can go to that party tomorrow" she says shrugging, A smile swipes across my face and I run up to her and give her a warm bear hug, she smiles cheerfully and laughs "Ariana, just promise me-" I roll my eyes "I won't come home that drunk and I won't get pregnant" I say rubbing my stomach, she laughs "Okay, I'm trusting you" she says patting my shoulder "Just... don't make the mistakes I did?" she stares me down "Mom, you can trust me, I won't do anything stupid" I say kissing her on her young head before I close the door behind me.

"I've been looking everywhere for you" she says angrily, as I step into the car "Oooh, I'm sorry I sepnt the past two days chilling with Niall" I say giggling, but she doesn't laugh back "Ariana he's bad news, what he just breaks your hearts and you forgive him like that?" she says reversing out of the drive way, I look at her tilting my head to the side, and widening my eyes "Come on Lexi" I say rolling my eyes "He's fine" I say frowning, not this talk again, I think to myself, I just wish Alexa could see Niall for who he really is, but she can't, and I hate it "Ariana ariana" she says as she turns the corner reveling the high school, I turn my back on her and look out the window "Listen I'm sure he's a great guy" she says reversing the car "But, are you really going to trust him again?" she asks softly, I turn to her as I feel my face boil up "You don't know what he's like okay?!" I shout at her, I open the car door while shes still reversing and start making my way up the high school path.

I enter the halls and get welcomed stares from everyone, it's strange, but comforting, I see Niall on his phone waiting by my locker, I walk over to him and tap his shoulder "What's going on?" I ask confused "Everyone's looking at me like I'm Chelsea" I say frowing, I mean having attention isn't a bad thing but it's just a big change for me, he points to his screen "Have you seen how much veiws we got?" he asks sppechless, I look over his shoulder and my jaw drops, we have 1 million veiws  I smile a nervous smile and think, so if everyones staring at me, they mustv'e seen the video.

I hear gallops walking towards me and instantly know the sound of pink pumps hitting the ground is Chelsea, she smile at me, I try ot look everywhere but her eyes "Ariana, you're quite the star" she says with spirit fingers, she circles me in jealously and then stops at Niall, he looks down at her uncomfortably "Niall, now your voice was seriously astonishing" she says clapping, I sigh and push he rout of the way "Alright Chelsea, what do you want from us?" I ask gesturing to Niall and I, she crosses her arms leans on her hip "can't I compliment the most talented people in the world?" she asks confused, wow she's really putting on a show, I frown not taking the bait "Okay?" I ask death staring her, she frowns in confusion "Ariana, your always conplaining how I'm always mean to you and then when I try to be nice you question it" she says shrugging, "Well from what you've done to me, it's pretty obviuos you're just putting on a show" I say raising my eyebrows, she flips her hair "What ever" she says in a cold voice, I knew it, she winks at Niall and then dissapears into the crowd of students.

I spot Alexa form the other side of the cafateria and place my tray next to hers, she smiles "Hey hey, what happened with you and Chelsea?" she asks confused, I purse my lips together "Oh tyring to get Niall under her evil charm" I say wiggling my fingers like a witch over her head, she giggles "So about that party tonight" she says shoving the spaghetti into her mouth and waiting for an answer "Oh yeah, mom said yes" I say feeling a smile crack in my face, she smiles "Great, it's going to be so fun" she says bouncing in her seat, I laugh "Hopefully, you know I hate parties Lexi" I say frowning, she laughs "Ari, you'll be fine" she says looking at me worried "awh come here" she says embracing in her hug, it feels safe, but reminds me of Niall, she releases from the tight squeeze and I jump up "I have to go Lexi" I say trying to cover up my guitly face, she slouches in her chair "Lover boy ah?" she asks annoyed, I feel bad for leaving but this is important.

I see Niall in the gym where he told me to meet him, he lifts the weights with ease and I watch the bar in his hands rise and then fall but slowing stopping only to come back up again, I imagine him lifting me and shake my head to get the thought out of my head as he spots me, I blush, he places the weights in their slots and makes his way over to me "Ah, there's my princess" he says grabbing my hand and leading me over to the bleachers. I take a seat and face him, he look tired "Okay, so I have big news" he says smiling, I look at him and see hope in his eyes "Oh" I say straightening up preparing myself for something amazing, he looks into my eyes and takes a deep breath in "Someone saw our video and invited me to go onto X-factor!" he shouts loudly in his thick Irish accent, I scream back at him and jump up to squeeze him in the tightest hug I can, "I'm so proud of you" I say knowing he was going to do something big like this one day,

wait, does this mean he has to leave me? "Niall? wait" I say pushing him away feeling my heart crumble into dust "Are you leaving me?" I ask him, I feel the sick at the back of my throat, he looks down at my hands and grabs them tightly "Ariana I will never leave you" he says smiling sadly at my eyes, my stomach drops as I see his blue eyes so sad, so disappointing I am still thinking like this, I grab his face in my hands and kiss him hard, it feels so passionate, I don't want him to leave me ever, ever, not in a million years. He releases from the kiss and squeezes me hands "I can't wait to graduate now" he says wrapping me in his arms, I smile uncontrollably proud of him, we met at the start of the year and I can't help but picture him singing in front of a huge crowd, he deserves this, not me.


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