A Famous Lie (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Xena is your average teen, having mature moments... and well... some non-mature moments. But when Xena strikes so low, her entire future changes courses.

Zayn is known for being in the boy group 'One Direction', but what else is he secretly known for? When Zayn is the host in one of the most popular parties he finds Xena. Struck from her beauty he pledges the she will be his!

Read more and find out what happens in A Famous Lie.


1. When The Beat Drops



                                                      Body's grind against each other, the smell of sweat and alchol drifting to my nose. Girls grind on guys they've never even seen, while some people just stand in the back and watch. I'm one of those people standing in the back, minding my own buisness. Ha, lies. What I'm really doing on this awful Saturday night is spying on my bestfriends ex; Harry Styles. Yes, my friend has dated many famous guys yet I still don't know how. The reason I'm here instead of her is still a mistery to me, she asked possibly fifty times so I surendered. Now I stand in the corner of an amazing view. This being a penthouse it has an amazing view, around sixty stories high. I wear a beautiful dark red silk party dress that goes to my mid thighs, pearl white peek toe pumps, a white snow fox boa while my thigh long blonde hair is in luxurous thick curls. I stare out of the windowed wall bored by this party, I haven't even seen Harry once so I don't even see the point of staying.


                                                        I start to turn around, ready to leave, but then a thought pops in my head. A thought that wasn't even mine.




                                                        I stand shocked, my eyes soon matching dark brown onces. Such a deep brown, I think. I become lost in the guys eyes, not even noticing him coming closr. Before I know it I feel a cold hand touch mine, a tingly sensation burns deep in my stomach, making my core ache with a feeling I've never felt before. I snap out of the deep gaze, now aware of my surroundings. Then I realize who the man is.


                                                       Zayn Malik.









Short note! This was more of an intro, I'm planning on making the actual chapters longer, so don't ditch out now! Thing's are going to get interesting.

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