A Famous Lie (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Xena is your average teen, having mature moments... and well... some non-mature moments. But when Xena strikes so low, her entire future changes courses.

Zayn is known for being in the boy group 'One Direction', but what else is he secretly known for? When Zayn is the host in one of the most popular parties he finds Xena. Struck from her beauty he pledges the she will be his!

Read more and find out what happens in A Famous Lie.


3. Lovely.. Hate



                                                 "There is no possible way! I can't beilieve this!" Jenny yells throwing her bottle of wine at the wall. "Well it's true, by tomorrow the news will be everywhere. I heard they were going to have the wedding in Rio?" I say smirking. Jenny gives me what she thinks is a 'scary' look, I laugh and drop to our couch. Yes, our couch.


                                                        Jenny and me agreed we would be roomates ever since the ninth grade. Growing up we were close, maybe too close. But I love her to death, I could be my natural crazy self around her. She plops on the couch next to me, laying her small pale face in her hands. "So guess what also happened today?" I mutter. She looks up interested noding for me to go on. "Well I was looking for your lover boy, he didn't show until later. I was on my way to leave but someone stopped me.", "Go on." She says. "Well... Zayn. Zayn Malik asked me to dance. It was so weird, I felt so comfortable."


                                                       Five minutes. Five minutes have passed with the awkward silence. Jenny's eyes slice through my own, I swear she can see right through me. She just stares, never blinking. Okay, this is really weird. Why is she making it such a big deal? She dated Harry for crying out loud!


                                                      "I don't want you around him." Jenny speaks. "Yeah I kn- What?" I question confussed. "You don't need to be around him, or the One Direction group.", "What, why?" I question standing up and looking down on Jenny. She looks down and laughs. "Nothing. I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow." she mumbles. I just nod, shocked at her outburst. Why can she be around them and I can't? Is she just jealous? I hear her door slam shut signaling she was done for the night.

                                                           2 Hours Later


                                                      I lay in my bed, staring at the white ceiling. Sleep doesn't seem as if it is going to come to me tonight. I sit up and look out my window, sounds of horns and people fill my ears. Even though it's One in the morning, everything is still going on. I get up and walk over to my closet pulling out a thick cute sweater that reaches my knees. I take off my overnight clothes and put on the new top along with black leggings. I then slide on my brown combat boots and grab my iPhone and some money. I soon leave the complex and start walking the streets of  L.A.


                                                   Authors Note

So I really am starting to love this story, I also love my three commenters... I just made a word... So anyways SPREAD ME AROUND. More reads, comments, and  hearts and such the more I post! It motivates me to write more! I love you all <3


                                                                                        -Mikayla Lee


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