Percy Jackson Truth or Dare *Not taking Requests*

I have the percy Jackson characters locked in my basement and they will do anything I say, unless they want to face endless torture. Please don't copy us without permission

Copyright (c)


3. Thalia

After the girls had left, Thalia slumped against the wall. Annabeth shuddered. "Shut up" Thalia groaned. "Im sorry.." Annabeth replied. She felt hurt. Thalia was the one of the oldest here. It was her job to lighten things up not put people down. She laced her fingers through Percy's. "He put his free hand around her waist. "We will get out." He said looking towards the ceiling. Annabeth forced a smile. "Yeah, yeah we will" 

 The door cracked open. A plate full of slop was pushed through. Leo blinked. He kicked it back through the door with a frown. "No." He said. "I am not eating that chiz". A girl poked her head through the crack. "Chiz?" She asked with a comical look. "Yes" Leo replied. "Chiz" he grinned at the girl. Jason grabbed his arm. "Dude stop! You want food or not?!" He hissed. "Yes actually a cheeseburger would be nice" leo replied looking thoughtful. Another girl pushed through, sweeping the other girl aside. "Move Elsa" she said with a stern look. "Me and Annabeth are waiting in the dining room" she whispered. The two girls swept out. 

Piper stared at the food. "Oh Come on Leo!" She yelled. "Calm down pipes." Hazel said softly. Piper had been hiding her cornucopia in her jacket and leo would eat nothing but a burger. "Everyone else needs some too!" Reyna added. "Needs what?" Said a soft voice with a tint of mischief. They were back. The three stood in the doorway grinning. They still had their silk hoods on. The one in the middle snatched the cornucopia from Pipers hands. "Give that back!" Piper growled standing up. The girl on the left whipped a dagger from out of her belt and threw it. It went through Pipers shirt pinning her to the wall behind her. As she has thrown the dagger her hood had fallen. She had blonde hair and misty grey eyes. The girl in the middle slowly removed her hood as did the girl on the right. They both had long wavy hair but the middle one had a deep brown whereas the girl on the right had a lighter brown tone. "Annabeth, you could have killed her!" Said the dark haired girl sternly. "Bianca, leave it" said the girl with the lighter hair with a grin. " yeah, what Elsa said." Annabeth said. "It was only fun"

"Anyway," Bianca started. "I guess its truth or dare time" it was dark out now and the light shone eerily on their faces from the moon. Elsa traced her finger along all of the demigods "hmmm who to pick?" Annabeth jabbed her finger at Thalia. "Yes, of course" Bianca smiled. "Truth or dare?" She asked quietly. Thalia looked around frantically. "Uhh, um.." Percy shot her an encouraging look. "Dare" she said bravely. "Dare it is" Elsa said softly. "We dare you to kiss Jason" Bianca said with a mad grin. "What the hell?!" She yelled. "NO!" Jason looked on the verge of tears. Reyna bit her lip. "No?" Annabeth said with a puzzled look. "Ok then." She flipped a switch on the wall and the curtains lifted revealing a cage of Cyclopes. Annabeth C winced. Piper was infront of the cage and was still pinned to the wall. If that cage opened she was dead meat. Jason shot Thalia a pleading look. "Piper.." He managed to croak. Reyna was looking uncomfortable as ever and Piper had tears streaming down her face. She looked at Thalia. "Do it." She mouthed.


Jason walked towards Thalia. He forced a smile. "Not helping" Thalia hissed. He leant in and pecked her on the cheek. They turned to the girls expectedly. "On the lips, for three seconds." Bianca snapped rolling her eyes. Jason grabbed Thalia and smashed his lips against hers. Piper burst into hysterical sobs. Jason and Thalia stood eating each other in the middle of the room. "2-1. Done" said Elsa with a smile. Thalia looked at Jason. "You're dead to me" She hissed.


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