Percy Jackson Truth or Dare *Not taking Requests*

I have the percy Jackson characters locked in my basement and they will do anything I say, unless they want to face endless torture. Please don't copy us without permission

Copyright (c)


4. Percy

Percy woke to a knock on the door. A small bag has been pushed under the small gap. He cautiously picked it up and opened it. The smell was terrible. It was full of black hairy spiders. He quickly tied it back up and read the little tag attached. Dare: throw these all over Annabeth. "Woooow" he looked around the room realising he was the only one there. Until he heard a scream. "Annabeth?" He yelled. A light flickered on across the room and sat on a chair all tied up was Annabeth. "Ohhh" he whispered "this makes sense" he picked up the bag. "Percy you aren't doing that are you?" She hissed. "I have to.. Just uh, close your eyes!" He finished. "Gee thanks," she muttered under her breath. The spiders poured down her face, into her top.

, down her back, in her mouth. She passed out. Percy had his eyes shut not wanting to see his girlfriend like this. Suddenly the door opened. A girl walked in and dragged away Annabeth as Percy sat on the floor and sulked.

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