Percy Jackson Truth or Dare *Not taking Requests*

I have the percy Jackson characters locked in my basement and they will do anything I say, unless they want to face endless torture. Please don't copy us without permission

Copyright (c)


1. In The Beginning

  It was a dark and stormy night when three girls took the all the characters from Percy Jackson and Hero's of Olympus, and stuck them in a contained room with only 1 window, and 1 door. They were locked, of course. It was dark and filled with spiders and enchantments so the characters could not use their powers. The characters consisted of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, Thalia  Grace, Grover Underwood, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Piper McClean, Leo Valdez, Bianca di Angelo, Zoe Nightshade, and more that they couldn't be bothered writing. 

  It was morning and the group huddled for warmth under the only window there was. Then they heard a key being turned in a lock, a door creaking open, then shut and locked again. They also heard three sets of feet coming down the stairs. When all of a sudden they saw three people come into view  they all had notebooks in their hands. They were dressed in long cloaks, that covered their faces, but you could tell by their figures that they were girls.

  The characters shuddered in fear when the first one spoke "We are here to do truth and dare. If you don't complete the truth or dare you will be tortured by the person who gave the dare, or asked the question."

  "And if you say something bad about us, all the dares will be given to you and you will also be tortured." said the second.

  "Really, Bianca, are you seriously going to do that?" the third one said.

  "Okay, maybe not, but I will do something bad."

  "Finally you will stay in here until we decide to let Cyclopes in." the first said.

  "Oh, and for those of you who are not scared of Cyclopes, *cough *cough, Percy and Tyson, we will put other things in here too." Bianca said.


Now, it is up to YOU, dear readers, to give them dares, or truths, and then we will...UPDATE!


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