the runaway

Ana is a girl who was abused by her brother after the death of her parents. she runs away to live her dream. She tells her diary anything and everything. what will happen when me meets some people?


1. chapter 1

"get up you useless piece of shit!!" 

this is my life every day. wake up get beaten and then go to school. School is my only escape. even though i hate it, it keeps me safe. 

i was now on the ground coughing up a little bit of blood. i get up and run of the door to school ignoring my brothers shouts for me to came back to finish me off. 

" when you come home you will be in so much trouble little worthless bitch!!" 

he calls after me.


i hate my life. what did i do to deserve this? was there ever gonna be someone to come and save me from my brother?. my name is Ana and i get abused by my brother. i am shy i have friends but there not someone i would share my personal life with. the only person who knows on what goes on outside of school is my music teacher Mrs Paige. she keeps on insisting i go to the police but i shoot her down every time due to my fear for my brother.   

As i get to school i see my friends talking in the parking lot. i smile towards them as they notice me.

"Aye there's our little flower!" Eric one of my friends said.

" how are you today?" i ask them 


"today is gonna be boring"

"i wanna go back to sleep" Amy wines and we all laugh at her.

as the day goes on i couldn't help but let my mind Wonder to what my brother said this morning. what did he mean? i knew i shouldn't be that worried because he abuses me everyday but something is off about him. and i'm freaking out.


please let me know if i should go on    


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