The Accident

Brooklyn Rose, is 17 years old. She has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, isn't very athletic, and is the top of most of her classes. She has a secret, a secret she tells no one but somehow everybody knows. The only people who know the full truth of what happened is the family that turnt her away, just because of what happened in the accident. She's unwanted, all because someone had been drinking and she hadn't been paying full attention. An accident that has changed her life forever. This accident leaves her with painful memories, painful losses, and a dysfunction. Read to learn more! my first movella, I hope you like it!


1. The Same Dream

It was the same dream again. The same one that happens most nights. It was actually more of a memory than dream to Brooklyn. Replaying that night, the night everything changed in Brooklyn's world. It just kept replaying and replaying all the time, Brooklyn couldn't let it all out of course, because she simply was left with a dysfuntion. She left the accident in an ambulance with a buzzing, ringing sound only she could hear. The sound was like a popped ear you get after swimming, except 10 times worse than that. The noises made her feel like she was insane. Ringing, ringing, buzzing, buzzing was all she could hear, when she could see someone talking to her but she couldn't hear anything they were saying, she kept trying and trying until she was too weak to try to hear what anyone, anyone at all was saying. Where was Deacon? Was he okay? All she could think about was Deacon. She struggled to hear until the buzzing, ringing, and sleep over powered her. (I is Brooklyn)*dream* " Deacon what are you talking about?!" I said looking in the rearview mirror to see my 10 year old little brother rambling on at how he and his friends had ding-dong ditched his friend's neighbors house. We were on our way to the grocery store to get milk for at home from his friend's birthday sleepover. "I already told you Brookie! We ding dong ditched Mr.Redds house! We had loads of fun! We were hiding in his bushes and when he came out of his house he looked around then, he got really angry and went inside! then we ran back into the house." Deacon said. "Oh, sounds like you had lots of fun!" I said tiredly. Deacon had the ability to make anyone tired with his mouth running so much! He was the best little brother ever though! I turned on our favorite song 'can't hold us' by Macklemore. We listened to it twice, dancing in our seats having a wonderful time until Deacon shouts "Brookie watch out!" I didn't know what was coming until I saw blinding headlight swerving into our lane. I didn't know what to do it happened too fast for me to react. We wrecked head on into a tan truck. I saw a white male with beer cans on his dashboard. I screamed and I could hear Deacon screaming too. At that moment Deacon was all I cared about but, I swear I just couldn't react fast enough. My head felt numb, because I had hit it off of the windshield. I was trapped in my seatbelt and I couldn't hear Deacon, so I ripped my seatbelt off intending to help my brother. "Deacon are you okay?" at least I think that's what I shouted but I couldn't hear myself. I heard continuing buzzing and ringing and my vision was blurry. I continued to scream Deacon as I heard sirens getting closer I knew that this was a terrible accident. I dozed off for a minute but then I was back. I was removed from the accident in an ambulance and all I could hear was  ringing, ringing, buzzing, and more buzzing. I could see people talking to me as I was being drove to the hospital but I couldn't hear them talking, I strained and strained to hear them but, all I heard was ringing, and buzzing all through my head. Trying to hear them was causing me to lose my energy and I was becoming very weak but I kept trying my hardest to hear anyone, anyone at all. All I could think about was Deacon, my precious Deacon. I struggled to hear anything, anything except ringing and buzzing but the ringing and buzzing over took me as I fell into a dreamless sleep. *end of dream* "AHHHHH!" I screamed into my pillow like every morning after the dream memory ended. How long will this last? I'm sorry Deacon, I really truly am sorry.

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