Never Let You Go *A Niall Horan Fanfic*

Evelyn Bermudez is just a normal girl untill theres a new student in her class.


1. Evelyn

Hiiii!!!!!! My name is Evelyn Bermudez. I have nice short wavy hair. I wear glasses. Im not to fat or not too skinny niether im just normal. I live with my mom and my three sisters Wendy,Anabelle,and Melissa. I go to John Adams High School. Im not the popular kid in school but atleast i have my 3 best friends Abigail,Lesly,and Ashley. Abigail has nice long straight hair shes nice and pretty. Lesly has short straghit hair she alwalys has it in a ponytail shes sometimes mean and sometimes nice if someone talks shit to her shes not afraid to say shit back. And Ashley she has sort of wavy hair its kinda puffy she nice kind and sometimes we may fight over stupid things but we will always end up as best friends again. I sometimes wonder what i would be without them hmm maybe be a loner like i was in 5th grade.
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