Facts About One Direction

I'm sorry if you know all or some of this stuff, I don't have any ideas for my stories so please just bare with me on these for now until I update my other ones. thank you! Please no hate!!!!


3. Zayn Malik

3. Zayn Malik

1. His full name is Zayn Javaad Malik.

2. zayn is double jointed in his thumb. 

3. zayn likes it when girls put there username as Mrs. Malik

4. his favorite ed sheeran song is Drunk.

5.  Zayn cant swim

6.  he likes classic cars. 

7.  he has a sweet tooth 

8. he is engaged to Perrie Edwards (SO happy for them!!)

9.  best arm wrestler out of 1D.

10. He loves the color purple! 

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