One Summer

It's amazing how one year I can go from being Fred Weasley. Hogwarts prankster, mischief maker, bad boy. To being head over heals for the stuck-up, book-wormy, know-it-all, smarty pants Hermione Granger. It all happened over one summer.
*Note- I describe the summer THROUGH OUT the story, not right away. I'm new to publishing my fanfiction, I write mine I paper first so it may take a while to update. Please give me a try.


2. September 1, 1994

I stepped on platform 9 3/4 like I have four times before. But, this time I had a smile on face.

I saw Hermione go into compartment 11.

"Hermione!" I yelled as I ran into the compartment. But, before she could get my name out of her mouth, she was in my arms and in the air.

"Fred!" She yelled as I sat her down on the ground. "I missed you!" She exclaimed. As she said it I could feel my face turn red. "Well, uh, I mean, I missed you AND everybody else." She stuttered. She looked down at the ground. Before she did I could see her cheeks blush and a smile spread one her face.

"Don't do that." I said getting on my back so I could see her beautiful smile. God. She's gorgeous.

"Do what?" She asked, for once sounding very confused.

I confused Hermione Granger. I'm prouder than I should be. Ha just kidding!

"Hide your smile. You have a gorgeous smile. And if nobody has told you that, they're insane." I said fighting the urge to grab her and kiss her.

"No one has said that to me before. Thanks Fred." She said.

Then she did something I never thought she would do. She kissed my cheek. My eyes flew open in shock, just in time to see her walk out of the compartment doors.

Now, how am I s'pose to take that?! Was it just a friendly 'thank you for making me smile' kind of kiss or was it a 'I really like you so here's a subtle hint to try and confuse you a little bit' kind of kiss? Ugh! Girls are confusing.

"Um, Fred, why are you on the floor?" I heard George ask me as he threw the bags on the shelf.

"'Cause Hermione kissed me." I said with shock still in my voice and a smile on my face.

"SHE WHAT?!" He yelled loud enough that I'm about 96.832% sure it woke a Hungarian Horntail.

"Right on the cheek." I said my face getting even redder than my hair. He looked at me like I had just gone to the CMA Awards, yes I listen to American Country music sue me, and showed the whole world I was a wizard.

"WHY?!" He bellowed a little to loud.

"I told her she shouldn't hide her smile because it was gorgeous." I said before I felt a hand meeting the side of my head with a loud thump. "OW! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" I yelled getting to my feet while also rubbing the back of my head. That REALLY hurt.

"I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU'T RON HAVE HER!" He snapped at me in hushed whisper barely loud enough a mouse could hear but just loud enough to send chills down my spine.

"HE HAS HAD THREE FULL BLOODY YEARS TO MAKE A MOVE FOR MERLINS SAKE!!! If he missed his shot that's his own damn fault!!!" I yelled, but hushed my voice when I saw a few first years walk by and stare.

Their poor virgin ears.

"Just be careful Freddie. She only 14. She doesn't know heartbreak yet. Don't be the one to show it to her." He said after a few moments of silence and a huff of his breath.

"I couldn't imagine hurting her George. She's different from the others. She's pure beauty. And she doesn't even realize it. She's an angel. But nobody's been able to see the halo floating above her gorgeous body, or the wings that flutter, like my heart, when she smiles. She is love." I could see the realization in his eyes that he finally knows that I truly and deeply do care for her.

"Just be careful Freddie." He said to me again with sincerity in his voice and caring in his eyes.

"I will, mate. I will." I told him right before he exited the compartment.

So y'all sorry bout the wait. Basketball just started:)!!! But whatcha ya guys think??? Let me know alright!!!

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