My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


9. Night 1, Tatts, In Common O.o

Sorry for not updating as much. B SURE TO READ THE ENDS NOTE...SUPER IMPORTANT. and I've been working on new stories coming up... So Here goes the Next Chapter(:


Night 1, Tatts, In Common O.o

Jackie's POV


"What's Up?" I asked throwing a piece of popcorn in the air and catching it in my mouth.

"Wow. Impressive! But I can do better." Justin said grabbing a piece and throwing it a bit higher than mine, he caught it in his mouth. I smiled. We kept trying to over-impress the other.

"Here, throw it in my mouth. Then each time you get it in, we go further." Justin said standing up. I got on my knees, on the bed and threw it at Justin. He caught it in his mouth. We kept going, and he kept backing up. We were sooooo good at that. 

"Okay. Let's talk now." Justin said sitting across from me. I sat up straight and nodded, obviously waiting for him to start.

"I wanna get to know you better. I mean, we only have known each other for a day and we are officially dating. So, let's play 21 questions, or even better. Name off some facts about yourself.'' Justin said taking a piece of popcorn and eating it. I nodded.

"Okay, lay down first." I said. He did and I laid down next to him. We weren't too close, only thing that could fit between us was the bowl of popcorn. I grabbed the remote and looked for the galaxy button. I clicked it and the ceiling had the galaxy, stars, planets, etc. But it wasn't just pictures, it was moving, as if it was really real. He smiled.

"Okay, You wanna start, or me?" I asked eating some popcorn and looking up.

"Ladies first." Justin Said eating a piece of popcorn. I smiled.

"Okay, I'm waiting." I joked. he smiled and stood up.

"Does this look like a pair of girls abs to you?" He asked flexing.

"Nevermind. Does this?" I asked showing him my six-pack. He clapped and laid back down.

"Impressive, Now go!" He said looking into the stars.

"Okay. Well, My full name is Jacquelyn Drew McCann." I started.

"Mine is Justin Drew Bieber. Wow, that's pretty Swaggy." Justin said smiling. 

"Yeah, haha." I laughed. Then I continued. "I have 2 siblings. Joey's 16. And Cindy's 14." I looked at him.

"I have 2 as well. Jazymn is 7 and Jaxon is 5." He replied.

"Let;s just do 20 some questions? Cause this is boring." I whined. He laughed and nodded.

"Okay.. Let's do Favorites.Yeah?" He asked looking at me. As if he was studying my face. I covered my face and nodded.

"Okay. Favorite Movie, Celebrity, TV Show, Hobby, Color, Animal, Food, Snack, Candy, Junk Food, and Fruit... GO!" Justin said quick and together. I laughed.

"Ummmm....Lemme think. Charlie's Angel. Umm, Definitely the Ellen Show. I LOVE USHER AND EMINEM!! Dancing. I like Purple, Red, Black. Ummm, I like Pomsky's or Pomeranians and Husky's. Grr, this is hard." I giggled. He smiled and watched me "Umm, Pizza. I love all snacks, Junkies, and candy. But if I have to choose... Haha, I'll choose Hot Cheetos, Takis, Snickers, and M&M's. But I also love all Fruits, but I'll choose Strawberries, Bananas and Pineapples." I finished while eating a piece of popcorn. He stared at me smiling.

"What?" I asked propping myself up on my elbows. 

"You're Perfect" He said right before he got on top of me and slammed his lips on mine. I smiled and dropped the bowl of popcorn to the side, without spilling it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back. He trailed his tongue across my bottom lip. I sighed and released. He looked a bit confused.

"It's nothing. I swear. But can we finish? It's your turn" He smiled and pecked my lips real quickly. He got off and sat up straight bringing me in between his legs. So, my back was against his chest and his arms were wrapped around my neck. This was just perfect.

"Okay, So what were the questions?" He asked placing his chin on top of my head. I smiled.

"Favorite Movie, TV Show, Celebrity, Hobby, Color, Animal, Food, Snack, Candy, Junk Food, and Fruit." I said smiling and not hesitating.

"Wow, you remembered. What a smarty" He said pecking the top of my head. I smiled.

"Okay, well. Rocky, Family Guy. Chuck Norris is my dad" I laughed a little at that, he smiled and continued."I also like Michael Jackson and Usher. I like to dance, sing, rap, and write music. I like my dog Karma. I also like Monkeys, Tuts, Pac, and Porcupines." I laughed.

"Wait, What's a Tut? And while you're explaining that, also explain whats Pac?" I said leaning my head on his chest looking into the sky.

"Tuts is a VERY special cat."

"She's a cat."

"No. She isn't just ANY cat. She's the BEST cat"

"Haha. And PAC?"

"Hamster. I love them."

"Okay continue" I said eating a piece of popcorn. He smiled

"Ok... I love Spaghetti. I love the candy Sour Patch Kids. I also like Doritos, Tacos and Apple Pie. Finally. HAHA.. I like the fruit grapes." He finished. I smiled.

"Yay. We done now?" I asked.

"No" He said shaking his head.

"But" i said sighing

"But what?" He asked looking down at me.

"Too much work" I whined. He smiled and pecked my neck. I giggled.

"Stop kissing my neck you dork!" I said sliding to the side a little, mostly to see him and back up a bit. But he kept me in between his legs, just letting me lean a little.

"Why?" He asked leaning the opposite still holding me prisoner.

"Because" I whined. He smiled and pecked my neck once again, this time lingering a little longer. 

"You wan-wanna kn-know a sec-secret about me?" I asked coughing a little.

"You nervous babe?" He asked continuing kissing and licking my neck. Dont you dare moan. Dont let him win. Grrr...

"Nope" I said sitting across from him now smiling.

"Come back here" He said pointing to his now crossed legs.

"No." I said crossing my hands and pouting a bit.

"Fine. But you can't kiss me ever again." He said.

"Really, wanna bet on it.?" I asked holding my hand out for him to shake. He took my hand and shook it, pulling me closer to him.

"After This" He said kissing me. Omg, this boy. I wrapped my hands around his neck, enjoying the fact I'm losing in this little tongue war. Then he pulled away.

"It's on" He said out of breath in a whisper. I nodded and sat in my spot in front of him giggling a little.

"What's the prize?" I asked eating some skittles.

"If you kiss me first, I win. If I kiss you first, You win. But if I win, you have to be my slave for 1 week, all day-"

"And when I WIN!" I said interrupting him. I stood up and looked around a little. "If I win, You have to do 2 things for me. Deal?" I asked holding my hand out.

"Wait" He stood up in front of me. "What are the 2 things first?" He asked.

"You'll found out in the next week"  I said winking at him. He laughed and shook my hiand.

"You're soooo losing." He bragged. I smirked. I grabbed his neck, going closer to his lips, i grabbed his bottom lip inbetween my teeth and dragged it out. Then I whispered in his ear.

"I wouldnt say that just yet, sweetie." Then I sat on the bed eating some skittles.

"Hey! You lost" He said still standing and smiling.

"Really? cause we never had a start time" I said smirking.

"K.. fine, starting now. No kissing."

"Okayyy"  I said smiling. He smirked and sat down next to me.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked me looking in the stars.

"Sure." I said still staring into the 'stars'.

"How many Tattoos do you have?" He asked me.

"Well...." I paused, thinking "Should I just show you them, then we'll count later?" I asked.

"Sure" He said sitting up a little straighter, focusing on me, sitting criss-cross. I smiled.

"Okay.. You ready" I asked standing up. He nodded. I sighed. Well here goes. I picked my left foot up and placed it on the bed.



"It's a Rose. This is the most recent one. I got it last week." I said poking it a little.

"What;s the meaning of it?" He asked admiring it. I sighed.

"You want the meanings to them too?" I whined he smiled and nodded. I laughed a little.

"The meaning... Is to..well actually. It's a reminder for me."

"Reminder for what?"

"It symbolizes inner and outer beauty. I got it, to remind me that Outer Beauty is found only from your Inner Beauty."

"You're Beautiful. You know that." He said smiling a really cheeky smile. I laughed. And thanked him. I put my foot down. I pulled off my shirt and threw it on the bed.

"Woah, What's that for.?" Justin asked shielding his eyes. I laughed.

"Don't you wanna see the rest of my Tatts or not.?" I asked, he nodded and looked at my ribcage tattoo. I giggled.


"I got this Last Month. The dreamcatcher helps me remember that I can catch any dream i could actually dream of. And the quote is just kinda of there. But believe me, it was the most painful tatt and longest tatt ever." I said Pulling my shirt back on.

"Then these. Are my very first tatts, without permission, but they didnt mind." I said showing him my fingers.

Then I showed him my Right arm. Which was covered in Tatts, like his was on his left arm. By the way, remind me to ask about his Tatts too.

Then I showed him my back. Yes, I have a Tramp Stamp, but its a Bow, and super cute. I couldn't Resist. (Pic Below!)

"Ok, that's all of them." I said sitting down. He nodded and asked me to explain them all.

"Fine" I said eating a sour patch kid, since all the popcorn is gone.

"Well, I'll start with the fingers. The Music signs are my way of showing the love I have for it. The diamond reminds me that even Diamonds have flaws. The Daddy one..." i said that part looking at his eyes which were staring right back. I snapped out of it and went on.

"That Tatt, is uhh.. Well, if I tell you, than u cant tell. GOT IT?" I asked. He nodded.

"Well, I ran away once when I was 14 I got the Shh Tatt, the heart, and the bow. Just to piss my dad off. But when I got home about a week after, I saw my REAL mom with another man. Then I felt bad for my dad, so i got it to show my mom how i felt about her, knowing I didnt want her name on my body. When I showed it to her, she got mad and beat me. The bruises are hidden under the dreamcatcher tatt. When my dad found out, he divorced her and remarried, when I was 16." I finished wiping a tear away.

"Babe, it's fine, i shouldnt have made you tell me." He said rocking me back and forth. I giggled a little.

"It's fine, just dont tell anyone. But lemme finish." I said smiling and I explained how I got my tatts. 

"I got the 'Shh' Tatt, for all the bitches that never shut the fuck up."

"I got the bow on my finger that tells me that I can tie up any mistakes I have."

"The heart one is kinda showing me that Love lasts forever, no matter what. But im not quite finished it, I still gotta add an infinite sign by it or on it."

"Then the Tramp Stamp" I giggled. "Was because I wanted something cute on my body besides the ribcage and ankle tatts, while im in my bikini." I finished. He smiled and hugged me.

"You don't need all those tatts for no reason babe. You're beautiful just the way you are." He whispered in my ear.

"You know" I whispered in his ear. "That's not gonna work. I'm winning this bet. One way or another." I said smacking his ass a little before laying down on the bed and looking on the remote for a different ceiling. 

"I doubt that" He responded pouncing on top of me. I pretended to ignore it by looking at the remote. He stole it and began kissing my neck.

"Hey, You lost!" I giggled while he continued kissing my neck.

"The rules are..." Justin began.


Hey guys, What do you think the rules are going to be?!?!?!


1. I won't be updating until February.. Sorry.. Mostly because of the reasons below:


2. My finals are this week and I need to study..A LOT!!

3. My Cousin and Aunt are moving up here and we have to help them pack and move here, which is going to take a couple weeks.


But just know that I'll still be writing all my stories but not publishing them until February because I don't want you guys waiting for 1 chapter for like 2 weeks, its total bullshit. I'll be writing: my 2 unpublished stories and this one..I also have this other story, its really good haha, its called Thanks For Nothing.  and I somewhat try on that one, but its just a filler for all the time im gone. So check it out because theres alot of info on there about my other stories including this one....But Just be ready for the next few months...But until then... I love you guys and become a fan to know when I'm back and have all these NEW and Amazing chapters and upcoming stories. Oh, and until that month, You guys have to try and guess my name. I used to have it in my bio, but I took it out to test you guys, so comment below and I might start a new story thing involving ANY questions you have for me. So ask questions below about anything from: New stories, Chapter previews, Personal Questions, Imagines....ANYTHING and I will dedicate the 'chapter' to you. So hurry, You have a few weeks to do it!!!!!!


I Love You

Oh, and Like always...


~Stay Swaggy~ <3

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