My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


2. Day 1, Him, Revenge.?! >.<



"OMG I am soooo sorry. And thanks for saving me from that embarrassment" I quickly said getting out of his grip.

"Nah it's fine, are you okay, Shawty.?" He said. I looked up and saw this really attractive guy. Who had black skinnies, black belt, red supras, black leather jacket, and a red shirt. His hair was just... Perfect. His hair was a light brown and into a perfect quiff. And his hazel eyes, were so hypnotizing.

"Umm heller... Sexy Jackie.?!" He said.

"How do you know my name.?" I asked confused.

"Well, one... Your earrings. And two.." He leaned in closer, grabbed my waist, and whispered in my ear "because u are... I'll see you around babe." He lightly kissed my neck. I felt like jelly. He started walking away.

"Hey.! I never got your name.?" I yelled.

"It's Justin. Justin Bieber. But u can call me yours" he winked and walked off.

I stood there smiling like an idiot. Who is that guy.?! Forreal tho.?! He's soooo FINEEE.!! My thoughts got interrupted when I felt my phone vibrate.

I checked my phone. "Hey where are u.?" Becka texted.

"I'm on my way, Cover for me.?!" I asked.

"Alright. (:" she replied.

I got my stuff and left for Health. When I got the class, I sat in my seat.

"Jackie, where have you been.?" Mrs.Smith Asked.

"I had some trouble with my locker. I'm sorry" I apologized glancing at Jake sitting behind me. I looked over at Becka and I mouthed the word: "Revenge"....


I know it's short. Next one is gonna be longer, I promise. I hope you guys liked it. I know I'm new at this, so please help me with any ways of writing this or any criticism to improve my writing. COMMENT PLEASE.!!

~Stay Swaggy~

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