Dreams Come Slow (16+)

Delilah a typical horse girl; she gets up at ridiculous hours to muck out her horses' stalls. She's one hundred percent dedicated to her horses, especially her small gelding, Break the Ice. She's just gotten to her first three star event when she meets someone unexpected...


3. Three


 "It's okay," Delilah smiled. "It's my horse. She has a great way with horses." 

 "Aren't you afraid that she'll hurt her by accident, or something. Then you won't be able to ride." His face was etched in worry and concern.

 "Oh, I'm not riding Tiptoe. I'm riding Ice." She pointed to the gelding who had his head over the half door and was watching them. 

 "Oh, you're that girl Jenny's always going on about. Diana, or something, isn't?" He stuck his hand out for her to shake. 

 "Delilah." She shook his hand, looking at his spotless clothes. He definitely wasn't a horsey person. "Where abouts do you and Jenny live?" Liam raised an eyebrow and her face reddened. "I might be able to get really cheap horse riding lessons, but it depends on where you live," she said quickly.

 "So you're not one of those stalker fangirls, then?" He laughed and Ice whinnied as if sharing the joke. 

 "If I was, I'd be freaking out right now." She gently pulled at Ice's ears to keep him quiet. "I used to be a huge fan, though." 

 "What's we do that you don't like us anymore, then?" He pretended to look hurt.

 Delilah had to think for a minute. "Nothing. When I started focusing on horses, though, I just stopped listening to you a lot." 

 Jenny walked out of Tiptoe's stable, securing both bolts. "Do we have to go now?" She was glaring at Liam.

 "Yes. Nan called a few minutes ago." He turned to Delilah. "Riverwood. Near the forest." With that, he walked away. Jenny turned and grinned before chasing after him.

 Delilah wondered what he meant. Of course. He lives in Riverwood. She froze. Delilah had been living in the same town as one of her favourite and didn't realsie it.

 A/N: Sorry it's short; I didn't have much time... Five likes and two comments for the next chapter. :) xx

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