Dreams Come Slow (16+)

Delilah a typical horse girl; she gets up at ridiculous hours to muck out her horses' stalls. She's one hundred percent dedicated to her horses, especially her small gelding, Break the Ice. She's just gotten to her first three star event when she meets someone unexpected...


1. One


Delilah hummed the tune to 'Taken' as she oiled Ice's black dressage saddle. She used to be a huge fan of One Direction, but as she became more horse focused her interest in them had... lessened.

 Ice stuck his head over the door and whinnied at her. She grinned as she looked at him. His white ears, that were tipped with grey, were perked forward, and his large black eyes seemed to look right into her centre.

 "We're going to a three star," she giggled, stroking his velvety muzzle with the back of her hand. "Our first three star, and we're going to show them that a rescue horse can beat them all." He whinnied again, as if agreeing with her.

 She whipped out her phone to text her coach, Rose. 'Are you coming over to pick up Ice tomorrow?' A few minutes later, her phone started buzzing.

 "Hello?" She continued to oil the saddle.

 "Hi. I'll be over at four?" Rose's voice sounded completely different over the phone, but Delilah knew her Scottish accent.

 "I'll plait him when we get there. God only knows what he'd do to the plaits in the trailer." Delilah smiled at the image of showing up with half of Ice's plaits scratched out. 

 "How is he, though?" 

 "He looks happy enough, a bit annoyed that he's not out in the field, though." As if on cue, Ice kicked the door and tossed his head.

 "Give him a lick. He's going to pace again." She could almost see the old trainer rolling her eyes.

 "Well, I have a dinner to eat, a bath to wash in, and a bed that needs me to sleep in it for a few hours," Delilah joked.

 "I'll be there around four. Be ready." There was a beep, and Delilah realised that Rose hung up.

 "Goodbye to you, too." She placed the saddle on its rack, and got a cherry lick for Ice. He nodded his head as she put it down. She kissed his neck once more before slipping out, and turning the lights off. "Goodnight, sweetie. We have a big day tomorrow."


 Sorry that this chapter's so bad. It will get better, I promise.. :) 

 One like for the next chapter. <3 xxx

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