Being homeless is hard. But its harder when your cutting, smokin' & starving. Meghan is an 17 yr. old girl, living the hard way where she has to steal the cigarettes and the little pieces of food to end up throwing it up and then last to steal sharp objects to cut herself up. What will they do to help or will they just keep walkin'.


6. I'm a runner...

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!! I just got out of the hospital, from being Ana and Cutting....




Niall sat there right in front of my eyes, with those blonde highlights and blue eyes...."Wanna start over or....?" Whispered Niall. "Meghan James" "Niall Horan". After hours of talking with Niall we seemed to know everything about each other. So we left we walked around town laughing every now and then girls asking for pictures and autos. Asking who this ugly slut was. When Niall was signing, I took the chance and walked off. Hearing him call my name I ran and ran. Until I couldn't hear other footsteps coming. Night fell and I went back to my nightly spot. Pulling out the small little metal razor blade, I made art. Morning struck and I felt a tap on my shoulder and a shadow pile over me.




So you guys there will be updates WAY more. I love you guysssssss. Also I need a name to call you guys, Start commenting.


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