Remember that I love you

I was just a normal girl who went to football training, until one day our coach wanted boys to join us. I dont think he got the name. GIRLS Football Training. G-I-R-L-S. No boys allowed. It might seen childish but us girls needed to win that tournament, we dont need -hot may i add- boys to mess it up.

But get what girl messes it up by falling in love?



3. Chapter Three

Practice was... eventful. Now I need to go home and get changed 'fancy' to go to dinner with the team. Ugh.

I get out my car and walk into my house, unlocking the door first. I run up stairs and rumage through my wardrobe for a dress. Shit! I dont own a dress! I quickly grab my phone and call Charlie. "C'mon pick up!" I say to myself. 

"Hey chick! Whats up?" She says brightly. "I need you to come over, quick! Bring your stuff and you can get ready at mine, hurry!" I hang up the phone and run down the stairs. I need a glass of water or else im going to faint from all this running. 

About 10 minuets later I hear my door being knocked. I run and open it and in comes fashionesta. "So, I got you these," She said bring out 5 dresses out of her bag and putting them on my couch. They all looked beautiful. But im definently going for the skirt and beautiful crop top. (The one Ariana Grande used in Baby I video). "Good choice! Now go get your ass and get ready, ill be up to do your natural make up" She smirks. I roll my eyes and laugh running up the stairs. 

"Im ready!" I shout. In comes Charlie with a small bag and sits me on my chair. She puts light powder on, and some mascara and a little bit of baby pink lipgloss. Just how I like it, natural and at ease. "Thanks babe," I say hugging her. "Now how about the hair?" I ask pointing to the mess. She chuckles and brings out wavers, and then she brings out these cute peach heels. Good on her!

After I get my hair done we drive to a Italian resturant I have never heard of. Wow was it big. Charlie and I walk inside and walk up to the desk. "Guests to Malik and Styles please," The waiter leads us to a big desk with all our team mates and our coaches. "Whos Styles?" I whisper to Charlie. "The boys team coach, hes so freaking hot! Look!" She points faintly and I move my eyes over to the back to see a hot guy with curls. Wow.

I look to find Niall and I see hes sitting at the front with no one sitting there. Charlie sits next to one of the boys Louis because she has a huge crush on him. "Hey Niall," I whisper in his ear. His head whips around and smiles and stands up. "Hey Shea, coming to join?" He asks pulling out the chair next to him.

I thank him and we sit down. "You look gorgeous by the way," He says looking at me entently. "And as do you," I blush. He chuckles and looks down at the menu. "What will you be having?" He asks. "Um," I look to his menu and find Peri Peri Chicken, my all time favourite!

"Peri Peri Chicken," I smile. "Im gonna have that too, have you ever been to Nandos?" He asks and turns his full body towards me on his chair. "Duh! Its the best resurant in history!" I chuckle. "Now way! Its my favourite too!"He laughs. "I guess we are quite alike" I smile. 

After having a lovely evening with the girls and boys, it was time to head home. Niall and I walked outside and stepped away from the door to talk. "Shea, I really like your company, and I know we will see each other everyday at training, but um" He scratches the back of his head. "Um, would you like to hang about sometime, like after training? Maybe catch a movie with me?" He turns red and looks down. "I would love too Niall," I grin. 

His head shots up and grins from ear to ear. "Cool, um whats your number?" He asks. I grab my phone from my bag and give him it and he gives me his. I put my number and name it 'my loser' with a snowflake emoticon. I smile as he gives me mine back and I laugh it his name, 'Sexiest Mofo out!' with a love struck face. "I'll text you loser," He laughs pointing out my name. "And I will text you 'Sexy Mofo'!" He quirks an eyebrow and we burst into fits of laughter. 

He hugs me and I kiss his cheek. "Goodnight, love", "Goodnight Niall," I smile and walk over to my car. What a great night.

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