Remember that I love you

I was just a normal girl who went to football training, until one day our coach wanted boys to join us. I dont think he got the name. GIRLS Football Training. G-I-R-L-S. No boys allowed. It might seen childish but us girls needed to win that tournament, we dont need -hot may i add- boys to mess it up.

But get what girl messes it up by falling in love?



1. Chapter One

I wake up to my obnoxious alarm clock blaring Bastille. I manage to get my shit together and drag myself out of bed and turn it off. I cant help but yawn while looking myself in the mirror.

Ugh, looking dreadful once again. I walk over to the wardrope and grab a little and big towel. I go to take a shower, and making sure I relax my muscles before football training.

Yes you heard right, football training. You might think its weird for a girl aged 18 to love football. Well its not weird at all. You might think I am one of the girls who care about how they look, or what their ego is, but really all I care about is the positive people in my life and just enjoying life.

By enjoying I dont mean partying every weekend - dont get me wrong, a good party once in a while is needed- but by my perspective of enjoying is making sure I am loved by the ones that I need. Why hang about with negative people when you want a positive life? That is a no go.

Back to reality. I finish washing my hair and body and I jump out the shower. I check my phone to see what time it is, and its only 8 am. I have a whole hour, wow.

I dry myself off and continue to dry my hair. I then put on my gear and tie my hair back with a bobble. I hear my phone going off and I sigh, too tired with the lack of sleep I have gotten. I pick it up and Its my coach Zayn. And what a hottie he is, trust me he is.

"Hey Zayn, whats up?" I ask, walking to get my shoes on. "Hey Shea! (pronounced she-a, not shay, weird i know) I got a surprise for yous ladies at training!" I could sense the smile on his face. "Cool, anything exciting?" I ask, interested.

"It will be eventful thats for sure." He chuckles. "Well okay, I'll see you in about 10 minuets, bye!" I hang about before he could say anything.

I grab my phone and jump in my car and head to the Stadium.

I walk out to the pitches to see already all the girls there and Zayn. "Hey bae, you know the surprise yet?" I ask my bestfriend, Charlie. My nickname for her is bae.

"Hey hunny! And nope, Zayn says they will be coming in about 5 minuets."

"They?" I ask confused. "Yeah, Zayn said its another team coming to play, and maybe even join our team," Sophie steps in. "But he said its going to be a surprise, and eventful?" I am so confused. Sophie shrugs her sholders.

Zayn blows his whistle and comes over to us. "Ladies, meet our new team mates," Zayn steps away and in comes about 12 gorgeous boys in our team strip. My mouth has dropped, I look to the rest of the girls and theirs is the same.

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