The Girl Next Door.

Hi. My name is Willow. Willow Dark. And yes, I am an Emo...

Willow had always dreamed of becoming a star. But her parents had always put her down. They never supported her choices, they never helped her get where she wanted to go, they just abused her. And when they weren't doing that, they were ignoring her. They never even cooked for her, so she either cooked for herself or starved.This had the worst effect on her. When she was sixteen, she took all her collage savings (which SHE had been saving, since her parents didn't care) and she completely changed her look. She went Emo. For a while she did try cutting, but she stopped. When she turned 19, she ran away from home and brought a small house in London. She just sat in her room, writing songs, playing guitar, and singing. One night she has to go next door to tell them to turn their music off. But, when famous hottie Louis Tomlinson opens the door, she falls for him.... Hard. She starts hanging out with the boys and their girlfriends, and she makes three new best friends, Cally (Harry's girlfriend) Perrie and Danielle. The girls and the guys all help her to fulfil her dream of becoming a star. But will romance take action on Willow for the very first time?



I was worked up by a slow movement coming from underneath me. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was still in the bus with Perrie. Perrie was awake too and looking at me in panic. "Perrie.." "SHH!" She hushed me straight away. She held one finger up, and suddenly, the bus jolted. We were moving... I stared at Perrie and watched as she climbed carefully off the top bunk opposite me. She leaned her ear against the door and I could hear voices coming from the other side. What would we do! We would surely be thrown out into the road! I leaned down to listen too, but my arms were weak so they slipped. I plummeted face first ontop of Perrie, causing a loud bang. Neither of us said anything as the noises from the other room had vanished. They'd heard us. We stayed still, not wanting to make another sound. "You go look!" Someone whispered. "No!" Another said, "I'll do it!" Came another. Then there was foot steps. They got closer and closer untill, the door swung open and a man was standing there, looking down at me and Perrie. I had buried my face in Perrie's hair, and I could feel her breathing getting quicker. "What is it?" Someone asked. More footsteps. I looked up slowly and saw five people standing around us. "I-I- We- um.." Perrie began, but she didn't know what to say. Two of the people held their hands out to help us up. I stood from ontop of Perrie and she got up too. Only then did I see who they were. All with very confused looks, they stood there; Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. I looked at Perrie who was obviously a fan too, the way she was gawping at Zayn. "Hi." I finally said. "My name is Willow. And this is Perrie." I put my hand out and Louis shook it. I thought I was going to melt from his touch. I had alway loved Louis. Always. "Do you mind explaining why you were in our Tour bus?" Harry asked sweetly. I started to explain, from the running away, to meeting Perrie, to sleeping in the bus. "Oh." Zayn said. "Look, throw us out if you want, but please wait until the bus had stopped." Perrie said timidly. The boys just laughed at her. "We arnt monsters." Niall smiled. "So.. Your not going to throw us out?" I asked timmedly. "Course not." Louis smiled.

LouisPOV; suddenly, a loud band came from our bedroom. I looked over at Harry who looked petrified. "You go look.." Niall said quickly. "No!" Zayn said, "I'll go!" Liam finally Said. He stood up and walked towards the door, the rest of us closely behind him. "Carefull.." Niall whispered. "Please." Liam scoffed. But when he opened the door, none of us were expecting to see what we did. There lay two girls, one with purple hair and great facial features and the other I could not see. Then she looked up. She was beautiful. "I-I um... We." The purple haired girl stuttered. Then the beautiful girl spoke up. "Hi, my name is Willow dark and this is Perrie." She spoke quietly. She was now standing up and was only a little smaller than me. Perrie was staring at Zayn and he was smiling back at her. Willow put her hand out and I shook it, a little too egarly. But she accepted it and smiled at our touch. And I cod have sworn I saw some blush in there too. "Do you mind explaining to us why you are on our tour us?" Harry smiled. Willow sighed and started to explain.

I gasped to myself when she has finished talking. It was awful to think such a fragile looking girl could just run away from home like that. She looked so small and pale, I just wanted to hold onto her. She was absolutely amazing. I couldn't take my eyes away from hers. "Oh." Was all Zayn managed to say, as i could see the rest of the boys looking like me. "Look, throw us out if you want, but please wait until the bus has stopped." Perrie begged quietly. We all chuckled between ourselves, "we aren't monsters." Niall smiled at her, "so.. You aren't going to throw us out?" Willow tilted her head slightly and looked at me, "course not." I grinned. I had never felt like this before. I finally understood what all of those live songs were about... I felt butterflies building up inside me, all over. It was the best feeling ever and I felt like I could climb Mount Everest. "Come on.." Niall said, putting his hand out. The girls just stood there. Niall grabbed onto willows wrist and she let out a little cry. "AH!" She gasped and everyone turned to her, especially me. My eyes scanned her quickly, checking her for any danger. "Sorry!" Niall said quickly, "no, it's not you." She admitted. I raised and eyebrow but shook if off. The girls followed us into the main part of the bus and sat down to watch a film with us. "How about Twilight?" Harry asked. "I love that film!" Willow smiled, and harry slipped the disk into the player. I sat by Willow, watching her recite the words silently. "Edward or Jacob?" Niall asked randomly. "Edward!" Willow grinned "Jacob!" Perrie battled. "Fight!" Harry laughed. "No.." Willow said sternly. The boys laughed as Harry sunk back into his seat. I looked over at Willow again. I really wanted to say something but I didn't know what. "Willow." I wispered. "Yeah?" She asked quietly. "Are you okay?" Was all I could say. I was so tong tied. "I'm great. What about you Louis?" She asked. I stared at her, "how did you.." "I'm a big fan.." She winked.

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