Take me home

Caiti , Makayla and Louis had been friends ever since birth , literally. They have been through practically everything together.When they go into highschool They meet Harry Styles the bad boy that Caiti instantly fell in love with , despite his appearance and reputation...
(Mickey Styles is makayla she's my real sister btw lol)


1. Chapter one


                                                               **** Caiti's POV****



  What was supposed to be an ordinary night of  Hanging out , and watching some movies turned into much , much more...

I watched as he began to unbutton my blouse  , i could feel the bulge in his pants against my thigh.

"Harry are you sure?" I asked nervously "I-i mean this is my first time." He glanced up and put his finger to my lips making them purse "Shh, You'll do great"{ He said reasurring

(Not completed!)




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