On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


7. Chapter 7

Sorry guys it took so long for me to write! ill be updating more, i promise! Well i wrote chapter 7 and 8, but they got deleted soo.. let me try this again!

 My alarm sounded at 6:15, right on the dot. I almost broke my alarm hitting it so hard to shut up. Around 6:30, i forced my self to get up. Today, was my going to be my first day at Pinewood High. I got up and decided to do a little something to myself for the first day. I looked in the mirror and put my brownish/ blackish hair half up half down. It looks alright, so i left it. I applyed a little mascara to my super long eyelashes.I looked good enough for the first day, I decided to go pick out my outfit of the day. I picked out a cute light pink spagetti strap shirt and grabbed a cream cartigan to go above it, then grabbed a pair of faded high waisted blue jeans shorts. and of coarse my favorite sandals. It was already 7:15, so i decided to head out since my first hour started at 7:45. I grabbed my Michael Kors purse, and left. 

I drove in silence, thinking about how scared I was to enter this new world. I was ready for it, I wanted to go to my home. 

I pulled up to the boring pinewood high school, and stared at everyone smiling and hugging each other. I slung my booksack over my shoulders and told myself I could do this. 

I decided to go grab my schedule before I did anything else. I walk into the office seeing a blonde perky women on the phone. 

"Hi, Im here to pick up my schedule because I missed orientation." I said nicely 

"Of coarse, the only new face into this town in about 4 years!" She said excitedly 

"Isabella Collins, youve been the talk of the town for weeks since we've heard someone was moving into the town!" She said playfully. 

"Great." I say 

"I hope you enjoy the new school." She said and handed me my schedule 

"Thanks" i say an push out of the office 

As i walk out a boy walks up to me in suprise. 

"Hi" He says 

"Hey" I say cooly 

"So your the new girl every guy here wants to sleep with." He says 

"Excuse me?" I say 

He laughs 

"Im kidding, Im owen Young." He says shaking out his hand 

"Im.."I say before enterupted 

"Isabella Collins, we know." He says 

I fakely laugh. 

"Well, i should probably get going. See you around." I say and walk away 

"Bye beautiful." He says 

Oh my gosh, i hate this town even more. I grab my phone and text my favorite people. 

Miss you guys so much, please come save me from this hell hole. I'll call soon I promise Xoxoxo 

Lauren and Ali reply instatly saying miss you too and all that junk, i smile because i miss them more than they know 

"Isabella Collins?" I heard a pithy but familar voice says 

"Omg it is you!" She screams again 

"Hi" I manage to say 

"You don't remember me?" She says again 

"You look very familiar." I say honestly 

"Its me April Brooks." She says 

And i do remember her, my best friend from here.We use to play princess and the castle when we were four, weird i know. 

"Oh my gosh, yes!" I say 

She immediately pulls me into a hug. 

I look at her, not remembering her like this. Red velvet colored hair, deep green big eyes, flawless skin. 

"I know, i don't look the same at all. Its the hair, i dyed it when I was 14. I fell in love cause its just me, not original." April says 

"It looks great." I say, she really is a lot prettier than she was when she was four. 

"But look at you, you are so beautiful! Gosh, seriously you could be a model. Your so perfect." She says 

"Not even close." I say 

"The city sure has changed you. I think you forgot your cowboy boots this morning city girl." She says with a wink 

She hooks her arm around mine, and starts pulling me. 

"Oh we have so much catching up to do." She says 

"Oh yea!" I say 

"Perfect! Party tonight at my place, im positive you know where it is." She says 

"Come, its great for you to meet people, don't give me a lame excuse like its a school night, its a tradition at Pinewood." She adds

"Alright, ill be there."I say knowing shes right.

"Great." She flashes her perfect white teeth 

"Ill catch you for lunch then, meet me here. Ciao Bella. {Bye Bella}" She says 

"Yes, italian goes perfectly with your name." She says walking away 

I smile, not knowing what to do. Im happy I made a new/old friend.

The bell sounds, and my smile fades. Yes, this day is going to suck. I think throwing back my head. 

"Ughhh" I say with getting a couple stares at me. 


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