On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


2. Chapter 2

"Bells" Aiden says to me while shaking my hand 

"What Aiden" I reply 

"I miss mom" His sweet little voice says 

"I miss her too bud" I manage to say 

"Lets go home" I say 

We get off the bed, and go into the lobby. I see a million familiar faces, but I choose not to talk to any. 

"Isabella" I hear the terrible voice of my grandmother calling my name 

"Yes?" I turn around 

"We should really start getting y'all packed up" she says 

I forgot about her southern language, I will never survive in Flordia.

"We want to stay here." I say 

"Isabella, you better listen." She says 

"Why? You have no control of me." I say 

"Actually yes I do, I have talked to your mothers lawyer. And since I'm your only left y'all have to come to live with me." She says

I have no words to say anymore.

"Fine." I say 

"We leave Saturday, and its Thursday." She says 

I grab Aiden and put him on my hip, I walk out of the hopsital. As we get home, the house is just as we left it. Aiden runs to his room, and I walk into my mom's bedroom. I lay in the bed that I found her laying peacefully in. I fall asleep in her bed.

"Bell! Wake up!" Aiden says screaming

"What! What! Im awake! Are you okay?!" I say yelling back at him. 

I look at the clock, its already 8 o'clock.

"Oh, yea. Im sorry Aiden, we could go grab some Mc'Donalds!" I say giving him the best smile possible. 

"Yes! Ill be in the car!" He says with a big smile

I grab my keys, and drive to Mc'Donalds to get him chicken nuggets. I don't eat anything because I can't seem to find a appetite. 

My mind keeps drifting off to how Seattle is no longer a place where I can call my home anymore, I have to go back to the boring little town in Flordia that I use to know. 

When we get home and I put Aiden to sleep, I go to my room to recieve my phone. Text messages all stating *Im sorry for your loss* *Im here if you need anything*. 

I don't need anyone, except my dead mother. 

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