On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


1. Chapter 1

I stare at my mothers lifeless body on the hospital bed. I don't know what to do anymore, so I cry. I cry as much as I can.I grab my mothers hand, and hold on to it as long as I can. 

"Bell?" my little brother Aiden calls me. 

"Aiden, don't ever call me that. Its Isabella now on.Got it?" I respond.

I can't stand to be called Bell anymore, my mother and Aiden only called me Bell. The thought of her never calling me that name again, makes me cry harder. 

"Sorry Bella, i got it. Why are you crying?" He asks me.

Aiden is only 6 years old, so I don't know what to say to a 6 year old about our mother dying. 

"Well Aiden, mom is going to be a better place now. We won't ever see her again. So im crying because ill miss her." I say

"Why? I don't want her to leave" he says with tears in his eyes.

"Me neither Aiden." I say 

I try and think of what Aiden and I will do from now on. Our father left us when Aiden turned 1. He doesn't even remember having a dad. 

"You wanna go home Aiden?" I add 

"Yea sure Bell." He says

I cringe at the name, but i accept it because its okay from him. We get up from the bed, I turn to face my mother and give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Ill miss you mom" I say to her trying to be strong. 

Aiden gives her a kiss on the cheek too. I never thought this day would come when she would finally pass away. She has had cancer for a year now, but I know she is in a better place where there is no more pain. She would want me to be strong for Aiden, she always told me to be a mother to him when she would die. So I will try to do my best to do that.

"Isabella?" a voice says as we leave the room 

I turn around to see my grandparents in the hospital chairs outside the room.

"Hi" I say and hold Aidens hand.

"Come give us a hug!" my grandfather says 

I walk over and hug them and try to be the nicest I can at the moment. Aiden has no idea who these people are, he met them once when he was 11 months old and never have seen him since. I lived with them for four years, until my dad decided to make us move to Seattle. Which is where we stayed. We moved from a small town in Flordia, which is where my grandparents live now. These grandparents are my mothers parents. They came visit us once here in Seatlle when Aiden was 11 months, thats the last i've seen them. 

"Where is your father" grandma asks.

"He left us 5 years ago." i say back with hate 

"oh." is all she can say back

"Why are yall here?" I finally say to break the silence 

"We came to see your mother." Grandpa says 

"There is nothing they can do, she had cancer and was planned to die sooner or later. Maybe if you two actually cared for us you would've known that." I say 

"Bell calm down." Aidens little voice manages to say. 

"Where are you two planning to live?" Grandma says 

"At the house we live at now." I say

"Isabella your only 16, you can't raise Aiden and take care of yourself." She replies 

"Watch me do just that." I say 

"I think you should come live with us in Flordia." They both say

"No, I am perfectly capable to live by myself. I've been taking care of Aiden for almost 2 years now." I fire back 

"Thats the end of it Isabella, your coming home to Flordia." They say 

"Home? Where I lived when I was four? No.'' I say 

"Yes, thats the end of it. We will move on Saturday." Gandma says 

"Saturday? Its wedneday. Your daughter just passed away, and your already ready to leave."I say as i grab Aiden's hand and lead him back into the small room with our mom.

The tears finally escape from my eyes,as I fall to floor. 

"Mom, please come back. Please, I miss you." I say in a wisper to her fragile face. 

Aiden comes and gives me a hug. 

"Bell, we're going to be okay." His sad voice says to mine. 

I give him the best smile as possible.

We crawl into the small hospital bed with our lifeless mother, and drift to sleep as we hug her. 

"I hope so Aiden" I manage to say before sleep hits me. 

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