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(Larry Stylinson) He just needed a get away. For him, his get away was to get wasted and maybe sleep with some random bar tender. But this year, he met someone special. Eleanor Calder to be exact. She worked at his favorite bar. But little did he know that in the process, he would meet a really nice guy and would find the truth about Eleanor. (its just a story i have nothing agaisnt Eleanor xx )


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Louis rubbed his eyes, as he stopped at a stop sign. He had been crying the whole night and just wanted to calm down. Tonight was the night. The night he found out that his mum, had cancer. It was hard for all of his sisters but he was taking it the hardest. Louis just wanted to get his mind off things. He was going to a destination he always went to when he was upset. The bar. He sighed as he pulled into the bar and turned off the car. He didnt know how he was getting home, but all he knew is he didnt want to go home. He would have to face his roomate, Zayn, and he had no idea what has happened. Before he got out, he had a quick cry session. It would be dark in the bar so no one would see his red eyes. As he walked in, he was hit by the strong smell of alcohol. 


Louis p.o.v.

I walked inside the bar and looked around. It was all so familiar. I've been showing up there alot more often. I made my way to the bar and ordered a beer. I sat down and spun around in my stool. I studied all the girls who were stripping down in front of guys. Yes this place had strippers. I drank my beer as fast as i could. I got disrupted by a little tap on my shoulder. I shot around and saw a girl about my age with brown hair. I studied what she was wearing. Basically all she was wearing was a bra and underwear. I knew this girl though. "Louis! Hey!" she shouted over the pounding music playing in the background. "Eleanor Hi" i fake smiled. I couldn't really smile because of what has happened that night. Eleanor was a stripper at the bar i was at. She was also always the girl who did a show for me. Ive known her about a month or so and we haven't really stayed in touch. She sat down next to me and smiled. "Need anything to drink?" i asked. I wasn't being flirty i was just being a gentleman. She nodded. "That would be great babe thank you" she murmured. 


I ordered her and myself a beer. I handed it to her as she started to babble about random shit. Over the past month, she have gotten very comfortable with me but i don't really care because i like her...a lot..sorta. I nodded at everything she was saying even though i couldn't really understand everything she was saying. I already felt a little woozy. The alcohol was already kicking in. That was one of my flaws out of many. I got drunk so quickly that i get wasted after only 4 or 5 drinks.  She caught me off guard by putting her hand on my cheek. "Your eyes are red what has been happening" she asked, her tone softening up a little bit. I bit my lip and tried not to break out in tears again. I gulped and looked down. "A lot of family problems, that's all' i mumbled. She lifted my chin up and sighed. "Explain to me". "Promise you wont tell. I dont want the word going around". What i said was true. Not many people knew about my mom and i didnt want some random guy or gal knowing it. She looked at my like i was crazy. "LOUIS!" she smacked my arm. "You have to trust me. I know we've only known each other for a month but you know me so trust me". I rolled my eyes playfully. "Fine, Ugh..my mum was diagnosed with cancer today" i whispered. She heard me though. I had no idea how but she did. Eleanor frowned and kissed my forehead. "Im so sorry" she softened up her voice even more. Right when she was about to hug me, her boss came by and saw she wasn't doing her job. "Eleanor! This is a bar not a flirt fest now get your ass up there's a guy over there who needs someone to give him a show!" he nearly shouted, standing infront of us. "5 more minutes boss?" she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. The boss shook his head. "Now. Eleanor. Now" he stated. El groaned and stood up. Her Boss, John, pointed to a older guy across the room. She rolled her eyes again. 


I was about to doze off, when she grabbed my hand and i felt something being wrote. I looked at her and noticed she was writing her number on my hand. "Call me if you need anything" was the last thing she said before walking away. I watched her get on the other guys lap and couldn't help but feel jealous. At least i got her number. I was so tired though and i didn't know if i could drive. I stood up and slowly headed out the door. When i got outside, the cool breeze hit me like a gunshot. It almost took my breath away. I closed my eyes for a second as my life flashed before my eyes. Now that my mum had cancer, my whole world would come crashing down around me. I started walking down the sidewalk, almost passing out. I don't even know why i was so tired. It was a mix of being drunk, and being exhausted. I was walking for about 10 minutes until i noticed i couldn't make it all the way home. I pulled out my phone and found my roommates contact. I didn't want to call him. I dreaded facing him. I would burst out crying and he would comfort me but i don't want that. It wont help anything and it wouldn't make my mums cancer go away.

I pressed the contact and put it up to my ear. It was ringing, then on the other line,a groggy voice answered. "Louis what the hell! Why are you calling me at 2 in the morning" he almost shouted. I was just about to start crying again because i couldn't handle anyone yelling at me now. "Z-zayn i need someone to pick me u-up" my voice cracked as i tried not to cry. I heard a sigh on the other line. "Don't fucking cry im having a bad night and cant you get someone else to pick you up at 2 in the fucking morning?" she shouted the last part. A tear started running down my cheek. He obviously had a bad night to but not as bad as mine. When he was in a bad mood, he was the worst person to talk to. "Never mind i-i wont be c-coming home tonight" i snapped. "Wait Loui-" I cut him off by hanging up. I threw my phone in the grass from frustration. I picked it up right after i threw it and looked through my contacts so i could find someone to pick me up. I decided on calling my other mate Niall. I clicked his icon and it started ringing. I heard a strong Irish accent pick up the phone. "Hey Lou whats up?" he asked. At least he wasnt rude. "N-Niall i n-need a ride p-please come pick me u-up" i cried. "Mate whats wrong? Where are you ill come get you" he responded. "I-im in between the b-bar and my h-house im just standing on the s-sidewalk". "Okay i'm in my car leaving right now just stay put and ill find you". He hung up the phone quickly and i buried my face in my hands. Niall was a better friend when it came to comforting and helping you with your problems. He would let you cry out and would listen to everything you had to say. Zayn was a little different. I kept crying. I had to let it all out. My mum has got cancer. Stage 2 cancer. That's actually pretty bad because there is more of a chance she might not make it.


I was standing there, pacing, for about 5 minutes when a black sports car pulled beside me. I looked up and everything was a little blurry from my watery eyes. I felt a pair or warm arms wrap around me. I buried my head in his shoulder and cried. I smelt the strong scent of cologne. It was nialls signature cologne. I wrapped my arms around their waist. He tilted my head up and i was greeted by a bright pair of blue eyes. "Babe whats wrong?" he rubbed my back. I shook my head. "Lets go to my place yeah?". I nodded and started heading for the car. Niall ran over, and opened my door for me. He wasn't flirting either. Just being a gentleman. I sat down and slammed the door shut. He sat by me in the drivers seat. Right before he started driving away, i grabbed his wrist. "N-Ni my p-phone is on the g-ground" i cried. He nodded, got out of the car, grabbed it, and got back in. I held my hand out so he would get it for me but instead he put it in his pocket. "No more phone for tonight ok?" he put his hand on my knee as he drove down the road. 


The truth was, Niall was actually my bestest mate. We had a little bromance going on and i admitted i got jealous whenever he brought someone else to a get together or something. Zayn was my roomate, but Niall was a better friend to me. Niall and i practically acted like we were dating. We held hands, cuddled, flirted, sent sexual text messages to each other, it was all normal to us. We weren't dating though. He was Bisexual and i was- straight. I thought. I don't actually know. I leaned over and layed my head on his shoulder while i cried. The crying slowed down a little but it still was going. Niall glared at me and then glared at my hand. "Who's number is that?" he asked, pulling into his apartment parking lot. I looked down at my hand and mumbled. "A girl named Eleanor. She works at the bar and ive been talking to her there for about a month". "Oh" was all he said. He got out of his car and ran to my side and opened my door. I stood up hunched down a little. I was very weak from crying and i could hardly walk. "Niall could you carry me inside?" i whispered. He smiled a little and picked me up bridal style.I buried my head into his chest and smiled to myself. "When we get inside your explaining to me what happened" Niall pretty much demanded. I sighed knowing i didnt have a chance. Before i knew it, we were inside. He carried me into his bedroom and sat me down. I looked down. 


"Lou tell me" he put his hand on my knee. "First, its really hot in here and second its to hot in here" i joked trying to lighten my own mood up. He laughed. "Then take your shirt off silly plus its not even hot in here". "I cant take my shirt off im to weak" i pouted.  I was also making up excuses so i wouldn't have to tell him what happened. "Want me to help you take your shirt off" he chuckled. I smirked and nodded. "Yes you should" i flirted. I told you we flirted a lot. We were just two jokers who flirted all the time and acted like a couple- thats normal right? "Your such a flirt babe" he laughed. "You know it". He put his hands under my shirt and slowly pulled it off. I but my lip and looked at him. He threw my shirt across the room, looked at me for a second, then blushed and turned away. "NIALL!" I shouted. "WE JUST HAD A MOMENT!" I fell back on the bed laughing. He laughed to and shook his head. "Okay serious time now explain what happened. Now" he demanded. I groaned and covered my face with a pillow. "Do i have to" i asked. "Yes. You do". I groaned again and sat up. My hair was a mess and i was just totally out of it. My voice was groggy and i think i had a cold.

"Okay Niall I might start crying though." I warned him. "I'm okay with that you know that now explain everything". I sighed and just decided to tell him everything. Everything that happened this night. "Okay so my mom was having back problems and her whole body was aching and she went to the doctors and found out she had stage 2 cancer. Also I went to the bar and I talked to that Eleanor girl. I was way to tired to drive so I started walking but then I almost passed out so I called zayn. He yelled at me so I hung up and told him I wasn't coming home and then I called you" I explained. He pulled me in a hug and rubbed my back. "Are you ok?" He asked. I'm glad he actually worried about me. I nodded. I ran out of tears so I couldn't really cry. He layed me down on the bed and we started cuddling. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right in his arms. I felt a light kiss place on my head and the room got darker. We both fell into a peaceful sleep in each other's arms.

[[ authors note: hey I just met you, and this is crazy but read my story, and heart it maybe? ;) anyway I'm sorry the ending of it is kinda crap cause I was in a rush but I think the rest of it is good. So yes there's some nouis.. Okay there's gonna be A LOT of nouis but Harry comes in later and it will turn into larry stylinson eventually I hope you like it! xoxoxoxo]]


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