The New Love

A 18 year old girl named Luna Smith just transferred to a new school called Koi High, a school for talented students. Luna got in the school for softball, but to also make friends. Luna is a 2nd basemen. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She meets a girl named Willow Jones who she finds out is on the softball team. They become friends immediately. There is also a group of boys who are in the music club. They love there music and don't talk to many people, at least people don't talk to them. The leader is a boy named Jake Harrison, he has dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. Luna and Jake meet in the library and Jake takes an interest in Luna and he teases her everyday. Luna gets mad and pushes him into a pond. He says that since she got his uniform wet that costs 100 dollars she has to be his slave for the whole school year. A few problems happen and there bond grows. There's jealousy and surprise twists. Will something grown between them?


11. Jealous Part 2

Unknown: "Hey, Luna!"

              I looked behind me on my way to Algebra to find this boy with really dark brown hair and brown eyes. He looks kinda cute, but nothing can compare to Jake. I turned to him with a nice smile since I want to make more friends than just Willow.

Luna: "Hi, and you are?"

Unknown: "My names Michael. I see you talking to Jake a lot and I thought maybe we could be friends. I'm not really good at making friends, but Jakes my friend so why not?"

Luna: "I would love to be your friend. The only other friend I actually have here is Willow."

Michael: "Thats cool so where you heading?"

Luna: "Algebra, you?"

Michael: "Same, want to walk together?"

Luna: "Sure."

             Me and Michael walked into the class and as I got to talking to him he was actually a really cool guy. He's been friends with Jake since they first met in this school. He doesn't play and musical instruments, but he can sing.

           On our way to class I noticed Jake walking in class as well. He smiled my way until he noticed Michael with me. He looked… different. its like his mood changed.

Jake: "Hey babe," he said with that cheeky grin that he knew I adored.

             I smiled in return and kissed him on the cheek. That seemed to brighten him up a bit.

Jake: "What, no kiss on the lips?"

            Yeah, he ruined the moment. I walked past him with Michael in tow. Jake sat on my left while Michael sat on my right. 

Michael: "Hey Jake, how you been?"

Jake: "Great, I didn't know you knew Luna." 

            Michael smiled and looked at me and then at Jake again like he just figured out something amazing.

Michael: "Yeah, since me and you are friends I thought I should be friends with your new GIRLFRIEND right?" He made sure to hint on the girlfriend area.

Jake: "Yeah we have been together for quite some time now. I love her to death."

Michael: "Wow, never knew you could actually settle down with a girl before Jake. Maybe I can steal her from you." 

           Michael said it like a joke, but Jake didn't look like he thought it was funny. Actually he looked pissed like he was about to kill Michael or something.

           After that it was pretty quiet besides the teachers boring lectures. Thats not new though. It seemed like Jake was staring holes into my head but I'm not really sure.

           After school was over and I got to know Michael a lot better me and Jake decided to head to my house. He held my hand really tight on the way there, but I didn't question it. I would if I could but he has his days. When we got to my house I went to cook some food for us. I was going to make spaghetti, he likes it. I thought maybe it would cheer him up a bit. While I was stirring the noodles I heard Jake walk into the kitchen. I didn't bother seeing where he was because he usually does what he wants.

          I then felt arms around my waist and Jake started kissing down my neck. I shivered and I could feel him smirk against my skin. There is no way I'm letting him get away with that. I smirked and grabbed the big spoon I was using and smacked him with it.

Jake: "Ow! What did I do!?"

          I could tell he was half laughing and half being serious when he said that. I turned to him and glared at him. If glares could kill, he would be six foot under. He smirked and made his way back to me. I pointed my spoon at him and he stopped. Then I turned back to continue cooking.

Jake: "Is this because of Michael?"

          I turned to him with a confused expression. What does this have to do with Michael? Then I noticed his eyes got a little darker and I know that is not lust in his eyes. He's pissed.

Luna: "Why would this have to do with Michael? He's my friend."

          I heard Jake snort from behind me and I turned and glared at him. What is his problem!? He has been a huge grump ever since Algebra when he saw me with… ooohhh.

          I smirked and slowly walked toward him with a knowing look. He looked scared for a few seconds then he tried to cover it up. 

Luna: "So your jealous of me and Michael being friends?"

Jake: "I'm not jealous, I don't get jealous."

         Jake looked triumphant until I grabbed my phone. Then he had a curious and scared look on his face. Oh, this is good.

Jake: "What are you doing?"

Luna: "Well, Michael gave me his number earlier so me and him could hang out sometime. Maybe I should invite him over for dinner?"

         I started walking into the other room when I felt hands grab me and push me against the wall. Yeah, I just made it worse for myself, but he looks so cute when he's jealous. This time he was glaring at me, maybe his looks could kill.

Jake: "Alright I'm jealous, but don't you dare call him. Now, give me the phone."

         I looked to him, then to the phone in my hand and I just smirked and hid the phone behind my back as much as I could. I think my plan failed though considering he smirked also and ran his hands down my waist. I shivered and he just grinned. Stupid Jake.

        His head dipped to my neck and he licked and sucked all around my neck and collarbone. I bit my lip to keep my voice down, but I don't think he liked that. He bit my neck a little bit and sucked harder.

Luna: "Aaahh-!"

        Jake put his mouth over mine to keep me quiet and bit my lip for access, but I denied him. He squeezed my waist a little harder, not to much to hurt but enough to make me open my mouth. His tongue slipped in and let me tell you. It felt so good. I could never get enough of him. Then he just stopped, just like that. I opened my eyes and noticed he had my phone in his hand. How in the hell? 

Jake: "Looks like i win babe. Oh and i think you food check the food."

         I screamed and ran into the kitchen. Well, at least nothing burned. I looked in the mirror beside the fridge and  noticed a purplish red mark on my collarbone. I stood there in shock until Jakes arms wrapped around my waist and he kissed his mark.

Jake: "Well, at least now Michael will know you belong to me." He chuckled, that jerk actually laughed at this situation.

Luna: "Well, now I know who's not getting any for the rest of the week."

        His face was priceless. Its like all color drained from his face. He gave me a pleading look but that stopped when he smiled and looked down at me.

Jake: "You can't resist me babe."

Luna: "I'm up for that challenge," And I pecked him on the lips and went back to cooking.

This is going to be fun. 


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