The New Love

A 18 year old girl named Luna Smith just transferred to a new school called Koi High, a school for talented students. Luna got in the school for softball, but to also make friends. Luna is a 2nd basemen. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She meets a girl named Willow Jones who she finds out is on the softball team. They become friends immediately. There is also a group of boys who are in the music club. They love there music and don't talk to many people, at least people don't talk to them. The leader is a boy named Jake Harrison, he has dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. Luna and Jake meet in the library and Jake takes an interest in Luna and he teases her everyday. Luna gets mad and pushes him into a pond. He says that since she got his uniform wet that costs 100 dollars she has to be his slave for the whole school year. A few problems happen and there bond grows. There's jealousy and surprise twists. Will something grown between them?


6. I Love Him!!?? He Loves Me!!??

            Luna woke up the next morning feeling a smile creep across her face. She was Jakes girlfriend, who could have guessed this? Not her of course. It feels like a dream. At least she knew it wasn't since Jake was sleeping under her again.

Jake: "Good morning love." Jake woke up.

            Luna blushed and hid her face in Jakes chest. Why was she so nerves? Its not like its new that he would say that to her.

            Jake lifted Luna's chin.

Jake: "Don't hide your blush girly, your cuter with it."

            This just made Luna blush more. Jake chuckled and picked her up so she was now sitting on his lap.

Luna: "Are you almost done with the song yet?"

Jake: "No not yet, but ill make sure you read so lets get to school."

            They were holding hands down the hallway. Everyone was staring and Luna felt her stomach flip. There were people whispering saying things like slut and whore. Luna felt tears starting to fill her eyes.

Jake: "Hey! All of you stop staring!"

            Everyone turned away and stopped whispering. Luna felt a bit of pride in her new boyfriend.

Unknown Voice: "Hey! Luna!"

            Luna turned to see Willow running towards her.

Willow: "I'm happy for you. I've never seen Jake look so happy and loving before. Its new to everyone." Willow smiled at Jake and he smiled nervously.

Luna: "Thanks Willow. Your a real friend." With that Luna pulled Willow into a hug and they walked to class.

           When school was over Luna walked to her locker and got all her stuff. She turned and what she say shocked her. Jake was being kissed by another girl. Her tongue was half way down his throat.

            Luna felt her blood boil she grabbed the girl by the arm and slammed her down to the ground.

Luna: "Leave my boyfriend alone!"

            Luna ran out of the school without another word as the girl cursed at her.

Jake: "Luna! Wait! Let me explain, please!"

            Luna didn't turn around, she just kept running. Luna got to her house and ran to her room. She heard the knocking on the door, well more like banging, but she ignored it.

            A few minutes later the Banging dyed down.

            She felt two strong arms wrap around her and she was lifted off her bed and pushed back down again. Only this time she was facing Jake.

Jake: "Luna listen to me. She kissed me I didn't kiss her back, please believe me." Jake had a pleading look in his eyes.

Luna: "I Know."

Jake: "Then why were you mad at me?"

Luna: "I wasn't mad at you I was just mad, I don't know she got on my nerves."

           Jake heaved a sigh and layed his head on Luna's neck and Luna could feel his breath on her neck. She sucked in a breath and Jake must have noticed because he breathed out a little more. This just made Luna shiver more and Jake smile against her neck.

Jake: "You like that don't you?" There was humor in is question.

Luna: "Jake." Luna breathed out the words, but it sounded more like a moan.

           Jake chuckled and licked her neck a little and went up to her ear and nibbled a little causing Luna to moan in pleasure. Luna had her arms around his neck, but before she realized it she put them back on her bed and grabbed the covers of her bed and bit her lip.

           Jake took this opportunity and started kissing down her collar bone. He reached her chest near her breasts and kissed lightly. She sucked in a breath again. Jake massaged her whole body with his hands and mouth making sure not to miss a thing.

           Luna couldn't believe this, she was so wrapped up in pleasure that she couldn't think straight. She only kept breathing out his name.

Jake: "I love you."

           Luna's eyes widened at what he just said. They came back again and she smiled at him. She hugged him.

Luna: "I love you to."

          'Omg did I say that. Yes I love him I know I do. I'm losing my virginity to him. Well I mean I'm getting to that age, but when Jake said it I knew he meant it. I could see it in his eyes.' though Luna.

          Jake kissed Luna and that night Luna made a big choice to love him and let him take away something she kept for so long. Her virginity.

          The next morning Luna woke up to Jake messing with her shirt, well his shirt on her.

Luna: "Omg! I lost my virginity!"

Jake: "Wow, so that's the first thing that comes out of you mouth." Jake said with a chuckle.

          Luna blushed and hid under the covers.

Jake: "Oh, don't hide. You look good in my shirt."

          There was silence.

Jake: "You love me?"

          It sounded more like a question than a statement.

Luna: "Yes."

Jake: "I love you too."

          Luna peeked her head out from under the covers and smiled at Jake. Jake smiled back.

         Jake thought 'wow I really do love this girl I never want her to leave me. I wouldn't let her anyways. She's mine now. Forever and always.'

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