This isnt the end,its just the beginning...

4 Girls;Reina,Crystal,Natalya,Melanie;Host A Going Away Party For Their Friend,Bianca.But When a Outbreak Of An Infection Happens,& Everyone Around Them Falls ILL,& Dies,Its A Game Of Survival,Game Of Trust,Game Of Love,Game Of How To Not Become Infected,And Myabe Learning That New Friends May Be More Trustworthy & Loyal Than Old friends,A game Of Knowing That no One Is there to catch you when you fall.


2. Unforgettable

~Reina P.o.v~

Tears kept running down my face,we ran out the house,& walked onto the streets,it was mayhem,it was frightning,i didnt know what exactly was going on,i just wanted Eddie,I couldnt stop crying,My life is all scary now without Eddie,Eddie guided me,he took care of him,he made sure i was safe,he was my everything.Now i feel like everything is out to get me cause i dont have Eddie on my side.There was helicopters,& fire trucks & cop cars everywhere,& ambulances carrying people away.We all quickly walked,we heard screams,"Where do we go?"Melanie asked."We should try to get out of here & find a car."Natalya said."Yeah,my feet hurt!"Crystal said."My shoulders too."Bianca said."What do you think it is ?"Melanie asked."Is What?"Bianca asked."Those things,the things that...Attacked...well,you know-"Melanie said."Yeah,yeah,we know."Bianca said."So?"Melanie asked again."So,idunno,they're people.."Bianca said.I tried to not break down & cry,but i couldnt,i blew up like a grenade,i began to sob,i fell on the ground,& punched the ground,for not holding Eddie for another minute,I let it all out,i screamed,i yelled,i tried to let Eddie know that i miss him.I saw Bianca's shoes come toward me,she kneeled over,& held me,"Reina!Reina!"she yelled.She Grabbed my face,& wiped away my tears,"Reina!Look at me!Pull yourself together,i know That  what happened to Eddie & his brother is hard,but we have to keep going,ok?Thats what Eddie woulda wanted you to do,Eddie woulda wanted you to never give up,Eddie is the one who got you to get your shit together,He wants you to keep going ,Alright?We made it this far we can make it the rest of the way!"She said."Okay,for Eddie & Tommy."I said,taking a deep breath."Eddie dropped this."she said.She handed me a small black box,i gasped,i opened it & it was a 10 carat ring.Tears came down,he was going to purpose to me,i slipped it onto my ring finger.I put the box in my pocket,I wiped my eyes roughly,& took another deep breath."Okay,lets go."i said.It was still UnForgettable,i wouldn't forget what happened.

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