A little series of dates and run-ins between a very obsessed Hermione and a confused Draco. My first fanfiction!


2. Hogsmeade

Kitted out in a mountain of red and gold jumpers and scarves, Hermione Granger walked towards a nervous slytherin. She, overcome by Draco's handsomeness and adorably anxious expression, could only manage to say a feeble 'Hi' before bursting into laughter. Her laughter doubled as she saw a perplexed look appear on his face. After a couple of minutes laughing she decided to put him out of his misery. "No need to be so nervous. I don't bite!" She reassured him.

Draco quickly recovered from the wonderful sight before him (as quickly as he could anyway) and offered Hermione his arm, the perfect gentleman. Refusing to answer her questions on where they were going, he walked briskly down a small avenue next to Honeydukes and stopped just before a majestic brass and elm door. “Here we are, The Malfoy Library/Bookshop” he said, a smug smile starting to invade his face as he saw Hermione’s shocked expression.

“You have a bookshop?! And I didn’t know?” Hermione exclaimed.

“Don’t be so surprised Granger, not many do. Its official name is Draconem Books. Being the brightest witch of our generation, you can most probably guess who it was named after” Draco drawled, his smug look widening. “Enough talk, let’s go inside before I die from this horrible weather” he said and led a surprised Hermione into the store.

Oak bookshelves lined the walls of the large room, while comfortable chairs and desks were placed near the back to allow peace for those who want to study. A soft carpet covered the floor and made the store even more silent."I could live here' Hermione found herself admitting as she perused a shelf on kneazles(Crookshanks was getting a little tubby). After an hour of exploring the books on offer with Draco trailing after her and recommending various titles, Hermione found herself in a dilemma; Lunch or Library? Draco tapped her on the shoulder and offered her the solution; "Do you want to go to the library cafe for lunch?"

After lunch in the cafe, Draco walked Hermione to Honeydukes, her (other)favourite bookshops and the pet shop, to get a few treats for Crookshanks. Finally, when they were done shopping, Draco accompanied her to the Gryffindor common room and she thanked him. An awkward moment cropped up and, on the spur of the moment, Hermione pecked Draco's cheek and ran into the girls dorms. Draco let himself out of the common room, a goofy smile on his face.

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