Country life


2. New boy

I was driving my golf cart around my house like usual looking at my neighbors house wondering if someone bought it since the sign was taken off. I didn't ask my folks because they would just say I don't know and don't care. As usual. I was just playing my music when I here a truck closer then the busiest road. Not many cars go down my road.

When I look up it's a moving truck. I drive my golf cart up to the road and look. There sure enough is a moving truck pulling into my neighbors drive way I drive over to say hello when I see rich folks get out. You may be wondering how I know. They were wearing the fancy clothing. So I go up and right before I pull in I see the hottest dude alive! Then it hits me he is gonna be my new neighbor! He had brown hair blues eyes very muscular. So I pull in to say hello. That's when he looks up at me with the most beautiful eyes ever!

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