Country life


1. Intro

Okay so your wondering who I am. Well my name is Morgan and this is my country life. I live near a town called Custar Ohio. I no your saying to yourself there is no Custar in Ohio but there is. It's a dumpy old place but I love it. All the people there may not have a lot if money but they are so nice.

But I don't live in town I live in the country I live near the town but I don't live in the town. I may have to go into the city for school and get food but that's all I have to go to the city for. And I never dress up. Only for Sunday church but that's it. I usually just wear a comfy shirt and jeans. And I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Two brothers and sisters. You guys are probably saying oh this is gonna be a boring story but it's not it's gonna be about a city boy moving to the country and I have to teach him the ways of the country. This is gonna be tuff.

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