The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: Hunter Trials

Second book in the series.

It's been seven.months since the locket incident yet Mia can't quite confirm that this business with moriarty is over
When her parents adopt someone new could Mia's life be over forever


5. Violin

I turned up the radio in the room, trying to drown out my argumentative thoughts. Sherlock would recognise her right? Wait. No, he wouldn't. It had slipped my mind that Hunter had fled from the scene to early to have been spotted by Sherlock, even if he had remembered a girl with purple hair. There was no proof; there was no hope. Maybe Hunter had changed now that Moriarty was gone, maybe she would see sense? I didn't know. All I had to do was keep out of any trouble with her and convince my parents that everything would be just fine. I flicked through the news feed on my phone, answering any necessary emails that caught my attention. I wasn’t in the mood to go back to do a night case with Iron, who was already at the office. I stood up and stared out of the window. What would have happened if none of it ever happened? What if I’d never met john, or Iron? The sun hung low in the sky, as if bowing towards the world. I smiled at the few children that lived next door. I had always looked after them, when there parents went out.

“Where could John be?” I muttered to myself. He wouldn’t just leave completely over something so small. He wasn’t like that and even if he was, he would have seen what it was doing to Sherlock.


Sherlock was a lot quieter, secretive sometime he wouldn’t come out of his room. I decided I should go and talk to him. What if John had been taken? I strolled downstairs, almost forgetting that Hunter was the newest member of our ever growing household. I knocked on Sherlock’s door and leaned against the wall beside it. The door slowly unlocked and out stepped Sherlock. His eyes were shadowy, clearly from lack of sleep. He walked past me and down the stairs as if I weren’t there, he glanced back at me once to see if I was still following, which I was. I saw the flash of purple hair, through the glass in the door. I had to face Hunter some time, I just had to. I pushed the door further open than Sherlock had and wandered into the large, open drawing room. He sat at the window seat, taking out his violin. He always played when he was upset, usually when he couldn’t solve a case. I sat at the piano, located in the middle of the room.


I hadn’t played in years. I had begged my parents to have me take lessons, so I did. I found myself playing a soft melody, followed up by deep chords. I let the music drown out the rest of the world and as Sherlock joined in on his Violin, I didn’t even notice Hunter and Iron walk in. I stopped suddenly as I saw them smiling at each other.


I walked away,

“Iron, I need to speak with you” I said, watching Hunter follow,”Privately.”


“What’s up?” He asked, smiling and taking my hands. I raised my eyebrows; did he really have no idea?

“You and Hunter are friends again then?” I questioned, coldly.

“ Mia, She’s changed. Not just her name, her whole outlook on life. She is on our side!” He replied, softly. I shook my head but accepted that maybe she had changed. Iron wouldn’t lie to me and he wasn’t stupid enough to be lied to. We decided that tonight’s case consisted of going to see the mysterious dead victim and his criminal girlfriend and that seemed interesting.


Mycroft decided he would just drive us to the office as he was going anyway. Hunter had decided to join us, for what ever reason. We stepped out of the car and sprinted up the steps, throwing our coats at Lestrade. He didn’t seem to be too pleased but he didn’t say anything. I walked into the lab, where the body should have been laying.


It was gone and replaced with a note. Iron walked over and grabbed the note.


“Gotcha, love Moriarty” Iron read aloud. I sighed deeply. Great, a fake death and a psychopath out of jail. I agreed with Iron that we shouldn’t tell Sherlock, he had too much on his mind already. Anyway how did we know this wasn’t just a trick played by one of the younger colleagues? I sipped at my water bottle, walking around the cold corridor. What if this wasn’t some joke? What if he really was back?


These thoughts were interrupted by Iron coughing loudly. I smiled at him, making sure he was okay. I felt like my life had such high high’s but the lows were unbearable. I sat in the staff room, curled up in the armchair. I needed John to talk too. A painful thought entered my mind. What if Moriarty had John?

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