The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: Hunter Trials

Second book in the series.

It's been seven.months since the locket incident yet Mia can't quite confirm that this business with moriarty is over
When her parents adopt someone new could Mia's life be over forever


3. Phoebe

I found myself once again sat beside the police tape, trying to work out which way the gloves went on. I stared at the body that lay on the floor.
He had darkish hair and brown eyes, his face bruised and cut. 
"Who is he?" I asked, scanning through his belongings. I flicked through his wallet, finally finding some I.D, a bus pass. His name was Jacob, aged sixteen, student at St. Charles Borromeo. Impressive. Obviously high grades, due to the test papers that appeared within his satchel. I saw a glint in the bottom of the bag and picked it out. A phone. I rose from my crouching position and went to sit in the back of the cab.

I unlocked the phone and scanned through the messages that had been previously sent. They were mostly to a clearly close friend but one really caught my eye.

"Sherlock," I called out, clicking on the mystery contact that had sent the most interesting text. We drove back to the lab before analysing the text in more detail
" So? Any suspects" Lestrade asked as we sat around the glass table in the back room.

"One. A miss Phoebe Eleanor Rose. Obviously one of many ex girlfriends. She sent our victim a threatening text, describing how he would be ever so sorry" Sherlock deduced, drumming his fingers across the table.

"Why would she threaten?" Questioned Anderson who ha previously been silent.
" It seems that our victim was quite the heart breaker" I examined, still possessing the phone. I excused myself and wondered over to Iron who was still at the computer, trying to track down John.

"Have you found anything?" I asked, hoping he had. He schools his head, apologetically. It wasn't his fault, it was Sherlock. If only Sherlock would've just owned up to his mistakes, not that he made many. Maybe it scared him, the feeling of not knowing everything? If it did it was a pathetic fear as what we usually encountered was a lot worse.

I came to the conclusion that I should just go back home, clear my head, maybe even do regular teenage activities. I barged through the door, running up to my room and falling on the edge of my bed. I checked my new phone for any missed calls or texts and couldn't help wonder about the mysterious Phoebe Rose. I grabbed my laptop and typed he  name within the search bar.

With four million odd results I was sure it would take long-time but luckily the first result seemed the fit. It was  the st.Charles' honour board. Ah, it seemed that our Victim an  suspect we're head boy and girl. suited that they would be together but still why the sudden break up. According to student comments they were the best couple in the town. Not anymore, I thought humorously. I put the laptop back upon table and strolled back down stairs.

On the fridge lay a note, carelessly pinned up,it read:

Have gone to finalise everything with the adoption will be back by five o clock   '

Oh they were serious about this adoption, wasn't I enough. It's not like I would take much interest in who came to stay with us, whether they were nice or horrid, it didn't matter because I had Sherlock and work sort out.
And I had to find John.

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