The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: Hunter Trials

Second book in the series.

It's been seven.months since the locket incident yet Mia can't quite confirm that this business with moriarty is over
When her parents adopt someone new could Mia's life be over forever


4. Carla

I had spent the rest of my afternoon thinking about where John could have gone. Last year I bet Sherlock was thinking the same about where I had gone, he must have been so upset. Just like I was then, just hoping that they would return. John could have gone to see Harry, his younger sister.


I remembered that one time I had met Harry, before she went away to some sort of boarding school. She had the same caramel hair like John but in bouncy, short curls to her shoulders. She also had distinct green eyes, unlike John’s soft brown ones. Her voice was like a summers day, warm and inviting and her heart was as if made of pure gold.


John could have just gone down the street. I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t track him. I decided that I should take a walk to the forest, like I used to, to clear my head of all theses thoughts that pondered on my mind. The crisp, winter air, caressed my cheek as I opened the front door. I stepped out onto the main road, the freshness of cut grass wafted through the air.


I strolled slowly through the main streets, diverting into smaller passageways now and then, pulling the hat I wore further over my ears, blocking out the world before me. I reached the mouth of the forest and silently ducked under the branches until a path was found. I thought back to when I had sat in the cabin, first with Felix then with the same boy, who I then knew as Moriarty. The cabin was now gone, destroyed in high winds. So many memories destroyed, some bad some good.


The leaves lay on the ground creating a red and orange pattern and the conkers scattered around the floor. I kicked a couple as I reached the lake that spread out, a dark shade of blue, cold and beautiful. I decided that the coldness was too much to bear so started to walk back to the house, where my parents would be home.


I hadn't seen Mycroft, so he must have been out,on a business trip or some other boring mid afternoon task. I hoped that Sherlock would be back by the time I was, we needed to talk about John in more detail. I knew he would refuse at first but I would get him to warm towards the idea, I had to.


I reached the doorway and saw a new figure, standing with those of my parents. This must have been the new addition the the family. As I came closer the figure became much,much clearer. It was a girl, around my age, most likely older than I with short length Indigo hair and piercing dark eyes. Hunter. I stood, trying to collect the words to speak but none could be found. How had she...Why was she here? Wait. She was my new sister. I walked briskly through the living room, unseen or at least unnoticed. I hit the wall beside me, taking my frustration out on its cream colouring. How had she managed to be adopted, out of every single child there could have been, it was her. I saw the light in the study, signalling that one of my brothers was home. Finally someone to talk to. I walked in to find Mycroft, his head buried deep into a book.

“ I need to tell you something. Its about Hunter…” I started.

“ Who is Hunter?” He asked putting down his book, a concerned look crossing his face.

“ You know! Our new ‘sis’” I exclaimed, not understanding why he questioned her name.

“ Mia, her names Carla” He said, bluntly. I shook my head. What was she playing at? I stormed out of the study and ran upstairs, anger bubbling in my stomach. I wasn’t sure what to do. Who to call but what I did know was I wouldn’t let this affect me at all, it wasn’t worth it.

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