Unable to Breathe

Maria's body is slowly rotting away, a useless piece of mass. Her mind has separated itself from it, fearing what will happen if she becomes one with it once more.
And what if she does?


1. Chapter 1

"Is she okay?"

Anne peers over the body on the bed, brow furrowed. Its arms are thrashing wildly, eyes blinking like they've never before seen light. 

It's with loathing that I realise that the body is mine.

The arms flop, limp.

Anne asks the question again, lines of worry creasing up her once beautiful face. "Doctor! Is Maria okay?" 

My soul seems to leap at the name, a vague recognition inside me claiming it as my own. My Body must recognise it too, for the doctor leans forward excitedly, glancing enthusiastically at the monitor before sighing heavily.

He turns to Anne, weary again. "Has your ma come t' visit?"

Anne shrugs. "She's outside, havin' a fag. You know how she is."

The doctor certainly seems to for he purses his lips, tutting quietly.

My body's eyes snap shut.

I wince, uneasy. Or at least, the part of me that's still me does, the part of me suspended up here in the air, watching a body I have no control over be tracked regularly by incompetent doctors. 

Or occasionally, visited by my sister.

And even rarer, my mum.

Still, observing everything up here's still far more preferable to going back in there. I shudder, remembering the last time, the time I thought my body might have progressed enough to let me back in, back out into the world.

It's still there, inside me, the hope that I might some day truly live again.

My thoughts are interrupted as the door is thrust open, and my ma staggers inside, clearly drunk. I cringe. 

Anne coughs, as mortified as I feel. "Ma... We were just discussin' Maria's health. The doctor thinks he might be able t' save her yet." Her cheeks blush pink, a pretty colour similar to fuchsia which spreads warmly across her face. The doctor, sensing her discomfort, smiles readily at her. 

"Please," he drawls easily, "Call me Simon."

Despite his attempts to lighten the mood, this only makes poor Anne worse, her face now an uncomely shade of beet.

Rather her than me. 

"Ahem. And, er... Simon thinks we can save Maria." Anne's face suddenly glows again, only this time with love. My heart begins to crumble inside if me as I watch her radiant expression as she turns to our mother. "We can save her.... Now."

Her face is brightening ever more as she explains to ma the exact detail of the contract she needs to sign. I yawn. Could this really save me? 

I shake my head, freeing myself from the ridiculous idea. No, it will not work. It will fail, just like all the other ideas. It will -

The doctor's fist clamps down on a button, and metal tendrils begin to coil themselves around my Body. I take a sharp breath as the oxygen in my lungs deserts me, wildly screaming at Anne. Does she not realise that she's killing me?

That I'll die if I venture inside the Body again?

She must see that she's committing murder!

She's condemning her only sister to death!

Round wet tears plop down my face, as I screech and plead and beg.

I claw at the air with useless nails, clinging to the last pieces of my life.

I turn my face away from my sister, the sister whose face an innocent picture of anticipation is sending me to my grave ever faster.

A jerking, rattling sob echoes through the Body, finding its way up to my chest as I once again become one with it.

But it's not me.

It can never be me.

I am alone.



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