My New Neighbor

I was told I was getting a new neighbor. Just not told when. Not told who either. I don't know if it's a girl or boy. I was only told I was getting a new neighbor. My name is Nicole. Nicki for short. My best friend's name is Cynthia. I also live in England. I'm 16 years old. My parents died in a plane crash. I live with Cynthia.


23. Wedding Planning!

    Yesterday was my birthday! It was awesome and fun. Louise had her first crawl which means I was a mommy for a little too. I fell in love with Harry again. Everyday I see him I fall in love all over again. Louise has moments with him too. To be honest, I want to see my pops again. Harry came in the room and saw me day dreaming. "Hey!" He yelled and kissed my lips. I fell again.

    "We should go celebrate!" Harry yelled. "About what?" I asked. "You graduating." I smiled. "Don't worry about it I had fun yesterday." I said. "I was proud of you." I said smiling. "Why?" He questioned me. "Because you didn't drink." I smiled. He kissed my lips again. "I made a promise." He said. "I will never brake it."

    Louise crawled in our room. "Did you put her in her crib?" I asked. "Yes, I guess she got out." He said smiling. She crawled to him. "Baby!" He yelled picking her up. "Her name is Louise not 'baby'!" I yelled at him. "Harry." I said smiling. "When are we planning to do the wedding?" I asked. "I don't know soon though."

    Me and Harry went to the marrige place. To pick out the drinks, cake, and flowers. Once we got there I saw drinks on the table. "Welcome you must be Mr. and future Mrs. Styles?" She asked. "Yes." I said shyly. "These are the drinks." It felt like a freaking Twilight movie. "Would either of you like to try this wine?" She asked. I looked at Harry. "May we have a minute?" I asked. "Yes of course ma'am."

    "Harry I trust you now." I said looking at him. "I want us both to have a fun time at the wedding. I said smiling. "You try it too." He said smiling. "Fine." We walked back into the room. "What flavor is this?" I asked. "This flavor is cherry." I picked up the glass and drank it. "So, do you like it?" The lady asked. "It's great." I handed the rest to Harry for him to try.

    After the drinks things, we went to flowers. I picked out blue tulips. Harry liked them because I did. Then we talked about the cake. We are getting a simple two floor cake, as I will call it. It is going to have blue roses of frosting on it too. I am so excited!

    We got home and I thanked Cynthia for watching Louise. She is asleep. Harry's lips smashed on to mine.  I moan quietly. Harry smiles. As his lips are dancing on mine I jump and wrap my legs around his hips. He carries me to our room. He then lays me on the bed.

      His warm body layed on top of mine. His hand held up his weight off my body. His tongue tickled my lips. I surprised him by poking my tongue out. He smiled. The baby started crying. Harry kept kissing my neck. "Harry, the baby." I said moaning. "Please?" He moaned back. "Fine." I kissed him hard and pulled his shirt up. He smiled and pulled mine up and off. He kissed from my neck to my belly button. I then found myself naked with Harry.

    I got up smiling and walked to see the baby. Still crying I looked at her. I just fed her, I just changed her diaper, I saw she had a scratch on her arm. I picked her up. "Louie got a boo boo!" I yelled at Harry and he came running. She reached her arms out for him. He took her and rocked her in the rocking chair.

    She fell asleep after that. It wasn't even a big scratch but she's a baby so.... Me and Harry got back to what we were doing. "Babe, this is your prize for graduating." Harry moaned. "It's a damn good one." I moaned back. "You bet it is."

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